How Should I Clean My Wood Furniture? | DutchCrafters FAQs

How should I clean my furniture? There are so many advertising claims and so much misinformation about cleaning solid wood furniture that it’s hard to believe what you hear. From our experience, though, it’s quite simple! Let Beth explain the basics and forever simplify your cleaning routine. It’s important to dust regularly to keep the surface free from grains that can scratch the finish. Use a soft cloth dampened with water to pick up the dust. Instead of silicone-based polish, such as many commercial brands, which add unneeded chemicals to the wood finish, or wax, which can build up over time, we recommend a simple water-based polish. Watch now to see more, and then visit our Caring for Wood Furniture page to read about all our tips. Transcript: Hello and welcome to DutchCrafters. My name is Beth, and today we’re answering a very popular question: How do I clean my solid wood furniture? Solid wood furniture is a significant investment to make and with the proper care that investment will pay off with your furniture providing you with a lifetime of use. Routine dusting is recommended. Now, what should you use? You can use a soft cloth, cheesecloth, a feather duster, a lamb’s wool duster, a cotton diaper or even an old T-shirt. All of these are gentle enough for your solid wood furniture. Wet your cloth of choice with just a few drops of water–you don’t want it too damp or too wet–and try to follow the grain pattern of the wood as you dust. You want to use polish sparingly and avoid silicone based furniture polish as those can leave a spotty shine. You also want to avoid waxes as they actually do little to protect varnished wood. We recommend a silicone free and wax free polish on occasion when you’re looking to freshen the shine. Find out more about complete care of your solid wood furniture at this link. What have you found useful for cleaning your wood furniture? Let us know with a comment below! I’m Beth for DutchCrafters. Thanks for watching.

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