How to Install Interior Sliding Barn Doors

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Steps to Installing a Sliding Barn Door

Installing sliding barn doors requires basic construction tools and skills.

  • First, you will screw trolleys into base plates.
  • Then, you must prepare the wall for mounting by identifying stud positions and clearing the space. 
  • After this, you’ll attach the mounting boards to the wall by screwing it into studs. 
  • The fourth step is to attach the track to the mounting board at the appropriate height. 
  • Finally, you complete the installation by hanging each door from the track and securing them in place. 

Read below for the detailed instruction steps outlined in this sliding barn door installation video. 

Interior Sliding Barn Door Installation:

Parts Included:

  • 2 Doors
  • 4 Trolleys
    • Note: Trolley Base Plates will come attached to doors, trolleys separate
  • 2 Mounting Boards
  • 2 Tracks

Installation Steps:

  1. Screw Trolleys into Base Plates
  2. Prepare Wall for Mounting Board
    1. Mark stud locations in wall
    2. Measure from floor and center of doorway to mark screw hole positions
    3. Pre-drill holes into studs if necessary (i.e. for metal studs)
  3. Attach Mounting Boards to Wall
    1. Mark and pre-drill holes in mounting board
    2. Insert toggle bolts for metal studs or lag bolts for wooden studs
    3. Attach mounting board to wall
    4. Level and secure in place
    5. Repeat for other side (if applicable)
  4. Attach Track to Mounting Board
    1. Measure up from floor for approximate height
    2. Screw one end in place
    3. Hold track in place and level
    4. Secure track to mounting board
  5. Hang First Door From Track to Check Height/Position/Level
    1. Tighten bolts to appropriate floor clearance
    2. Snug down nuts to lock bolts in place
  6. Hang second track and door (remove door while mounting second track)
    1. Slide doors together
    2. Adjust bolts to ensure doors hang plumb with a tight fit
    3. Snug down all nuts to lock bolts in place

Barn Door Features

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