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From the first cut into a fresh piece of solid hardwood, to the final screw into the elegant metal hardware, no details go unnoticed with our Keystone Collections furniture. Through time-honored tradition in meticulous craftsmanship, each piece of solid wood furniture is made to serve a lifetime of use, with the integrity and beauty to provide future generations with the same.

Meet Marvin, Bryan, and the skilled shop members that bring our Keystone Collection line to life, each day. The careful attention to detail and know-how ensure the finest quality furniture that you’ll find anywhere.

From the kitchen table to the master bedroom suite, Keystone covers all areas of the home – offering customizable options in wood, size, stain or paint, and finish details that ensure a one-of-a-kind look that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Shop our entire Keystone Collection furniture line and discover the wide variety and stunning beauty that makes American made furniture the perfect choice for any home.

Furniture seen in this video:
American Review Panel Bed

Versailles Euro Sleigh Bed

King’s Canyon Dining Table

Cameron Dining Table

Montclair Dining Table

Manchester Dining Table

Logan View Dresser

Logan View Bed

Napa Valley Dining Table

Transitions Sleigh Bed



It’s been about 30 years ago that Dad crafted his first chair in a small workshop right here near Myerstown, Pennsylvania. He was he was always a stickler for details; for instance, when we develop one of our first tables I remember him agonizing over the curve and flair of a table leg for almost two days. One of his time proven sayings was, “If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing right,” and that theory carried through in his carefulness in design. He always said that it’s the little things that matter and it’s the little things that are going to add into big things.
The joy of a low price or a good buy is short lived, but the sense of joy and pride in having a great quality product lasts for a lifetime. The switch to computerized machines actually increases the quality of the furniture. They’re accurate to within 5 one thousands of an inch, most of the machines, so we create joints that are tight and reliable. However, even though we have this technology in these machines, our craftsmen are at the workbench. Everything is bench-built, bench assembled, and they’re running their hands over the parts, the components, the tabletops, and they are artisans, truly, and they’re bringing out the best natural character and beauty of that piece of wood.
One of the reasons that dad started the business was to give work opportunities for his four boys. Two of my brothers are somewhat handicapped and dad knew that they would never survive in the public workplace. We’ve been really blessed to have a team leader who is helping my brothers and also nephews to be very beneficial to the company in so many ways. The values that carry on through the company is a dedication to family, a dedication to our employees, to our community, to the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to treat everybody the way we would like to be treated ourselves, and that includes the quality of our product, what we’re supplying to the community. Today we continue to strive to create furnishings that allow you to personally experience the warmth and beauty of solid hardwood furniture.
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