Kodiak Wooden Gun Cabinet: 6 Gun Display Case

Introducing The Kodiak: a gun cabinet with 6 gun capacity, to proudly display rifles and shotguns in a secure, solid wood cabinet. 

If you’re looking for a gun safe or gun display case, DutchCrafters is happy to offer many solid wood cabinet designs, including a bookshelf with a hidden gun cabinet or a desk with hidden drawers. These are made to store and/or display all kinds of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Find the right one for you and explore our wooden gun cabinets and gun safes now.

Kodiak Gun Cabinet Details and Customization

The Kodiak is a unique, 6-gun display case with beautiful, solid wood construction in your choice of North American hardwood and wood finish options. Wood options range from traditional, hard Oak wood to luxurious, dark Walnut. After selecting your wood type, you’ll have the option to color the wood with your choice of stain. 

The glass front offers the option for glass etching to really make the piece stand out. Everything from the shiplap back to the black felt gun holder is designed with intricate detail. Both the display door and ammunition doors feature security locks for your safety.

What you get in the Kodiak Gun Cabinet

In summary, this American made gun cabinet offers the durable construction and unique style that only Amish made gun cabinets will offer. Support American small businesses and add the security of a beautiful, heirloom-quality case to your home! 

If this gun cabinet isn’t for you, you can find much more Amish furniture right here at DutchCrafters.

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