Vadsco Mid-Century Modern Table Video

Thanks for watching the Vadsco Mid-Century Modern Table video here on DutchCrafters. Hopefully, you got to see some details in the design that you couldn’t see in the photos alone. We were thrilled to get this set in our store in Sarasota and show it off to customers both in-person and on video! For the mid-century modern furniture fan, this is surely the best dining set on the biggest Amish furniture website, DutchCrafters. Now let’s dig into the details about this dining set.

Mid-Century Modern Dining Set

As with any order on DutchCrafters, you can choose to match any table with any chairs you find. Due to the ability to customize wood types and finishes, you can almost always make them match. However, after seeing it in our showroom, we can’t recommend this specific set enough. The Mid-Century Modern Dining Set comes with 3 pieces available: a table, a bench, and chairs.

Vadsco Mid-Century Modern Table

First is the Vadsco Table, the centerpiece to the set. With its sharply-angled legs and oval top design, it presents a stunning silhouette for any kitchen or dining room. Surround it with benches, chairs, or a combination of the two.

Vadsco Mid-Century Modern Dining Bench

The Vadsco Bench is built specifically for this table, with a gentle curve and the perfect height.

Hawthorn Dining Chair

The table is shown in this video, however, with the Hawthorn Dining Chair, product 53415. The Hawthorne Dining Chair has a short back, smooth curves, and the perfect design to match the Vadsco table.

Built to Order

This table, as with most on DutchCrafters, is made to order to your specifications. That means you have a range of options to choose from depending on what you value in your home.

Wood and Finish

Your first option is which wood type you’d like it built in. The table is shown here in Walnut wood, a premier choice for its dark tone and smooth grain pattern. This table is really at its best when built in Walnut, so that’s what we recommend for this particular design. Your guests will surely be impressed by this design in your dining room or kitchen. However, if the price of Walnut is too steep, it can also be built in Elm, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Brown Maple, Oak, Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Hard Maple, or Wormy Maple. You also have your choice of varnish and stain, from among dozens of options. You really can’t go wrong with any stain on walnut wood.

Size and Extensions

Choose dimensions of 42″x54″ or 48″x54″, depending on what will best look and fit your room. Choose to have it built as a solid top or an extension table with an added leaf to fit a couple more friends or family around the table! Finally, add leaf locks and upgraded ball bearing table slides for the best experience.

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