An Amish Woodshop Story: Middlebury Furniture Collection

Martin Yoder isn’t content with his furniture’s beauty and outstanding durability; it should also be packed with unique features! When you order from the Middlebury Furniture Collection, you can trust that each piece is designed with you in mind. Martin is intentional about listening to customer requests and building in features that will make the customer happy.

The Middlebury Furniture Collection

Amish furniture is renowned for its craftsmanship and beauty, but one Amish woodworker is working to add one more key element to their reputation: outstanding features.

Starting his Amish Woodshop

Martin Yoder started his furniture woodshop in the early 2000s near Middlebury, Indiana. He was new to fine hardwood furniture but brought with him 35 years of experience designing cabinets in the mobile home industry. Middlebury Furniture Collection started crafting fine furniture with just two employees and the highest quality standards. His attention to details that will please the customer has carried him through 14 years in the Amish furniture business.

Fueling Growth

“You have to ask yourself, what do people want?” Martin told us. “It’s the key to growth.” And grow they did. Martin now leads a team of 15 woodworkers and recently doubled the size of his shop!

Popular Living Room & Office Furniture Features

One popular new feature is his touchless motion light switch, which adjusts the lights in a case piece with simple hand motions. In addition to ease-of-use features like touchless light switches and soft close doors, Martin’s products include details like 1” thick tops, 1” thick writing pullouts for desks, and solid end panels for TV stands. Middlebury Living Room and Office Furniture is truly built to last.

Customer-focused Furniture Design

“This is more than a business,” Martin told us. “We really want to give people what they want in high end furniture.” Martin values the friendships he has made nationwide as his business has grown and continues to look for new ways to provide comfort for customers with innovative designs full of custom features. Packed with features and attention to detail, the Middlebury Furniture Collection is a great place to start your shopping for living room or office furniture.

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