Why Choose Walnut Wood for Furniture?

Walnut is a beautiful wood type: dark, smooth, and luxurious. But you may be asking yourself whether it’the right choice for your new furniture. Well, keep watching awe break down the distinctive characteristics of walnut compared to other wood types for furniture.  

The Basics of Walnut Wood

Walnut is, simply put, among the most stunning wood types for furniture. But there’s a lot to consider beyond its beauty as you weigh the pros and cons of walnut wood. 

The Look: Characteristics of Walnut

Walnut is a naturally dark colored wood. It’ll vary in tone from medium to dark brown, however, so don’t be surprised to see wide, darker or lighter streaks in your walnut furniture.  

Walnut features a fine, smooth grain with a consistent pattern and very little texture. Long, narrow loops and subtle waves are interrupted occasionally by dark knots.  

Finishes for Walnut Furniture

We recommend finishing Walnut Furniture with a simple finish like Linseed Oil. Or maybe just a Clearcoat Varnish over the natural wood, to let the natural beauty shine through. A light stain and varnish can also add just the right tone to the wood. With its dark natural color, dark stains and paints are not the best options to show off this distinguished wood. 

Walnut vs. Other Wood Types

Renowned for its beauty, Walnut is a rare, premium wood type, which makes it one of the highestpriced wood type upgrades we offer: ideal for formal dining, executive office furniture, and other centerpieces designed to impress.  

Walnut Wood’s Hardness

Walnut is about average hardness for a hardwood; the construction is highly durable, but it may take scratches and dents with heavy use. For this reason, we recommend simple precautions such as using a writing pad rather than writing directly on a walnut desk or table. 

Walnut Wood for Woodworkers

Woodworkers love walnut wood for its workability and durability: it can be steam bent or carved with intricate designs, but it also won’t warp, absorbs shock well and naturally resists decay. 

The Characteristics of Walnut Wood

In summary, walnut is a gorgeous, luxurious wood type that makes stunning indoor furniture. It’s a premium wood at a premium priceSo, are you in search of a distinguished centerpiece for your home or office? Would the natural beauty of this remarkable wood make the difference? 

We’ll leave that for you to decide. Is walnut wood right for you?  

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