Your Furniture Woodshop: The J&R Bedroom Furniture Collection

Congratulations! You’ve purchased Amish Bedroom Furniture from the J&R Bedroom Furniture Collection. This is our largest collection of bedroom furniture products at DutchCrafters. Sets are designed in many different styles. And within each set, you’ll find dozens of options and variations of bedroom storage. We’ve worked with Jerry and William for years we’re confident that you’ll love their furniture as much as we do. 

Two Woodworking Shops, One Collection

The J&R Collection is unique; rather than being built all in one shop, it is built in two separate shops: Jerry builds the bedroom storage pieces and William builds with the beds. The pieces from the two shops are designed together to form cohesive sets, finished together, and create a gorgeous combination. 

Unique Features of the J&R Bedroom Collection

Another thing that stands out about this collection is its size: they offer over 25 complete sets

Even more impressively, within each sets they offer several variations: multiple nightstand designs, several dresser sizes, multiple wardrobe or chifforobe layouts, and more. It’s all created to give you exactly what you want. Similarly, under-bed storage drawers can be added to most bed designs. 

The last unique feature of note about this collection is the option to add hidden drawers and special features. Here are just a few of their optional features offered:

  • Hidden drawer available in many of their nightstands
  • Slide-out water tray available in many of their nightstands
  • Hidden Jewelry Display slides out from behind the mirror on many dressers
  • Pop-out Secret Rail available on many chest designs
  • Under-mount soft-close drawer slides on storage pieces
  • Power strips in nightstands
  • LED nightlight with touch switch on nightstands

Customize your own pieces on the product page for each J&R storage piece. 

Our Visit to Jerry and William’s Shops

“I never imagined it would get this big,” Jerry Miller told us as he held his baby granddaughter in his arms. Of course, he was referring not to his granddaughter but to his woodworking shop, where we stood together during a visit to his shop.  

The History of the J&R Bedroom Furniture Collection

In 1997, Jerry was just getting into the woodworking business and started talking to William Troyer. At the time, William was running a shop building bedroom furniture. They soon came to an agreement; Jerry would start a new shop and build the bedroom storage pieces to go with William’s beds.  

Jerry’s Bedroom Storage Shop

Today, the J&R Bedroom Collection’s storage pieces continue to be built in Jerry’s shops by his 33 employees. His two large shops are just next door to the home where he and his wife Rosetta raised their 5 children.

William’s Bed Shop

10 miles away, William’s shop is a mirror image of Jerry’s: situated on his farm next to a beautiful home ringed by flowers and clothes hanging out to dry. He is blessed to have 5 of his children working in the shop to this day and 11 young grandkids. His favorite part of his job is coming up with new furniture designs to add to his collection.  

A Shared Hobby

After 25 years in business together, William and Jerry share more than a business and furniture collection; they share a hobby! Outside of William’s home and shop, dozens of dark birds flitted around between white bird houses on stakes. When we asked about them, William laughed and said, “Purple Martins are a hobby, but Jerry has far more than I do.” I came to find out that around 400 Purple Martins nest on Jerry’s farm every summer!  

The Goals of the J&R Bedroom Furniture Collection

From 1997, when they built just a couple pieces a week to today, as they build 75 or more every day, some things have never changed: Jerry’s favorite part of his job is still,
“…satisfaction about building quality furniture and having happy customers.”
William agreed, saying,
“We are really just trying to make good quality furniture that won’t need to be thrown away in 5 years.” 

Jerry’s Bedroom Shop

By the end of our chat, the wood shop was closed for the day and Jerry’s kids and grandkids lounged in the shade between the shop and his house. With a son’s business down the road, a granddaughter in his arms, and children in the business, Jerry is surrounded by family, just the way he wants it. 

How to Shop the J&R Bedroom Furniture Collection

So, enjoy your J&R Bedroom Collection furniture built in Jerry and William’s shops in the heart of Northern Indiana!
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