JMX Brands honors Billy Adams as Top Inside Salesperson at Annual Awards Ceremony

Debra Gingerich 31/03/2023

For the second consecutive year, Furniture Specialist Billy Adams was honored with the Top Inside Salesperson Award at the 2022 annual award ceremony of JMX Brands, the parent company of the largest online retailer of Amish furniture at

Assistant Sales Manager Christeen Jorno presented the award, sharing that Adams “booked 599 orders, which equates to $1,835,216.87!”

Jorno named some of the admirable qualities that make Adams a top salesperson. The list included friendliness that comes through on every phone call, the art of great conversation, infectious laugh, knowledgeable assistance and patience when answering customers’ questions, and courageously responding to each phone call as the next opportunity.

Originally from Venice, Fla. with a background in furniture design, Adams joined the staff of JMX Brands as a sales support associate in February 2020. He was quickly promoted to furniture specialist.

“We all know why Billy is at the top,” said Jorno. “All you have to do is listen to him, and we all celebrate his success.”

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