Reclaimed barn wood furniture

New Beginnings for Reclaimed Wood

The long journey of our reclaimed barn wood furniture starts in the heartland of Pennsylvania and Ohio, where it is salvaged from various locations and sorted through by hand in order to determine what can be used. This wood with a rich past starts off on its new life when it is sold to one of our Amish woodworker shops. Here, the next chapter for what is typically yellow or white pine begins, full of life and ready to serve its next purpose!

In our woodshops, reclaimed wood is kiln dried in order to ensure that insects and any other pests are vacated before the building process begins. Kiln drying is also done to reach the ideal moisture level for the wood, making for a strong, structurally sound end result for your home.

What to Expect

Initially, flaws such as nail holes, worm holes, and sun spots are all left open. Because we are lucky enough to work with a variety of skilled woodworkers, there are various finishing processes that take place for barn wood furniture. Different woodworkers use different techniques, from filling knot holes with epoxy to fitting imperfections with wood to make for a smoother finish. Holes on the bottom of reclaimed barn wood are seldom filled.

Depending on a customer’s preference, there are a number of ways to smooth over the flaws of barn wood. Many people choose to leave the holes open in order to preserve the history that is inherent in reclaimed wood. This way, the wood is able to show its true, century-old character. Our woodworkers aim to keep the process of reclaiming this special material as natural as possible. Fitting the past in with a modern lifestyle results in a wonderful balance of old and new.

Styles to Suit Any Home

One of our favorite features of reclaimed wood is its adaptability to almost any taste. Impressive is the fact that even after a hundred years, it still manages to stay relevant to updated décor. Like your home, each piece of barn wood is one of a kind.

Give wood new life in these variations:

Modern Industrial

Our Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase has gotten some serious love on our Polyvore page and we can see why! What better way to organize your favorite reads than in the beauty of wood that has a story of its own to tell?

Modern Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Our Modern Industrial Reclaimed TV Stand is another great option for fusing new and old flawlessly.

Modern Industrial Reclaimed TV StandOld Barn Beam Look

Made from the beams of the barn where it was collected, the ceiling was just the start for this handsome Tall Reclaimed Barn Wood Chest.

Tall Reclaimed Barn Wood Chest

Farm House

The clean, classic lines of our Plank Farm Table are suited for homes both traditional and modern.

Amish Reclaimed Old Wood Plank Farm Table

Barn Wood Bonus

This unique Reclaimed Wood Block Art Mirror just arrived in our Sarasota Furniture Store and not surprisingly, it is even more gorgeous in person! Amish Walnut Wood Block Art Mirror

Reclaimed wood is clearly capable of so much more than what it was originally purposed for. As you can see, barn wood is an eco-friendly option that will still allow you to express personal style. Continue the story without compromising your taste in American made furniture.

Be sure to take a look at our growing range of beautiful barn wood at our Reclaimed Wood Furniture Collection.



Curio Cabinets at DutchCrafters

Curio Cabinet of Curiosities

Whether you are looking to house all of your treasures or camouflage an awkward angle in your home (or both!), curio cabinets serve a wide range of purposes. From classic to contemporary, we’ve got your collectibles covered.

The word curio is defined as a rare, unusual, or intriguing object. This opens the door for possibilities, allowing you to extend the purpose of a china cabinet to incorporate even more of your personality. Dishes are welcome here, but there is also plenty of room to organize your favorite keepsakes. Curio cabinets feature glass side panels that offer a greater range of view of the contents inside. Put your much-loved mementos on full display with the help of our top picks:

Amish Modern Mirror Back CurioThe Clean Curio

A mirrored back will help give depth to even the smallest of spaces. Our Mirror Back Curio Display Case looks excellent in the white finish shown, and would be the perfect candidate for a monochromatic theme. Pair whites and creams together for a neat and clean look. On the other hand, opting for a white finish means you can easily experiment with pops of color without going overboard. This blank canvas looks charming with brightly colored flowers displayed on top.

American made curio cabinet

The Small Curio

Our American Made Curio Cabinet is a simple remedy for that hard-to-furnish area of your home. Its convenient size draws the eyes upward and provides an element of interest in an otherwise barren place. You’ll be able to display plenty of treasures on its glass shelving, which is beautifully illuminated by subtle lighting. It is sure to brighten up an unused spot and give it a special touch.

The Multi-purpose Curio

Collect anything from books to picture frames or all of the above in the Console Curio Cabinet. A few prized collectibles look great among the everyday function of your favorite reads. We love the idea of mixing display pieces with items you use daily. Place a flat screen above and it is multi-functional. Some greenery on the side is the cherry (or oak, or brown maple, it’s up to you!) on top of this utilitarian piece.

Amish Console Curio Cabinet

Amish Deluxe Side Light Curio CabinetThe Formal Curio

Elegance is an understatement when it comes to the Deluxe Side Light Curio Cabinet. Although there is ample space to house a number of odds and ends, we prefer a carefully curated collection of your finest pieces. No need to fill up the shelves when you can make a statement by embracing minimalism. Best of all, this cabinet’s spacious enclosed bottom will allow you to keep clutter easily hidden. Maybe you’d like to change out the cabinet’s contents throughout the seasons. Having all of these options cleverly stored beneath your current display will make for dauntless decorating.


Is your ideal curio cabinet rare, unusual, intriguing, or the perfect mix of all three? We’d love to help you find the perfect match. Give us a call at 866-272-6773 to start customizing today.

Sofa and Loveseat Buying Guide

Sofa and Loveseat Buying Guide

The sofa or loveseat is often the largest piece of furniture in a room and sets the tone for the style of that room. We all can probably think of an example where a poorly selected sofa had bad effects on the feel and functionality of a space. With so many variations in size, design, and fabrics to choose from, here are some things to consider when buying a sofa or loveseat.

Measure your Room and your Sofa

Sofas and loveseats come in a wide variety of sizes and can take over a room if you’re not careful. It’s important to select a sofa that has the amount of seating you want, but it’s also important for there to be enough room to move around it comfortably. It’s equally important to measure the doorways and hallways to be sure it can be moved into the proper location. I once bought a sofa that ended up being lifted into a second floor window because it was too large to go up the stairs. I think I lost two years of my life that day.

Amish Criss Cross Loveseat

If you have a small space, the Bristol Cross Loveseat may be just right for you, with a width of 50 inches.

Choose Good Construction

Sofas and love seats are likely the most used furniture in your house and have a lot of weight placed on them. Be sure the sofa you select is a quality that will hold up to the activity in your household.

DutchCrafters Amish Sofas and Loveseats

Every one of our sofas and loveseats is made of solid wood by skilled Amish craftsmen. They are built to provide comfort for years to come.

Make it Match your Style

Sofas come in as many styles as do dining tables or chairs.  Make sure the style you choose fits well with your other furniture as well as the way you like to relax. For example, some people like rolled arms because they are a comfortable place to rest your head. I happen to like arms that don’t take up much space and have a more mid-century modern feel. Check out Pinterest or design blogs and look at a lot of pictures of sofas to get a sense of what you like.  Then when you get down to serious shopping, you’ll know what style you’re looking for.

Amish Urban Loveseat Sofa

The Urban Loveseat Sofa may be just the right choice for someone who likes a modern industrial style.

Select the Right Fabric and Pattern

Fabric and pattern selection is not only a matter of taste. Be sure to combine your preferred furniture style with the requirements of your lifestyle. If you have children and pets who are constantly up and down on your furniture, select a color or pattern that doesn’t show the dirt or wear-and-tear. If the sofa is for a formal living room, a white or cream color can be lovely. Leather may be a good choice for an active family or media room. Ask for pattern swatches to get a close up look at your fabric options.

Amish Hesston Sofa

The classic cream color of the fabric on the Hesston Sofa will dress up a room.

Make a List

Write down what you do and don’t like about your present sofa or loveseat. Then look for, or be sure to avoid, those characteristics on your list. Hindsight is 20/20 and here’s your chance to do it right the next time around.

Style is Important, but Make it Match your Lifestyle

Consider what you do when you’re on your couch. Who is on it with you? If it’s just the two of you and you like to cuddle while watching TV, consider a loveseat. If your big family settles in together for movie nights, a sectional may be the best choice. If you like to take naps on your couch, be sure it’s long enough or choose a recliner. Finally, if you like to host overnight guests, a sofa bed may be the way to go.

Amish Mission Prairie Sofa Bed

The Mission Prairie Sofa Bed is a great idea for someone who doesn’t have a designated guest room.

Finally, enjoy your new couch and the memories you’ll create as your family joins together on it.

Old-fashioned Board Games

Old-Fashioned Board Games for Summer Bonding

Summer is nearly upon us, and it’s time to think about keeping the kids entertained through steamy summer days. We have many happy memories of school break and time spent interacting with friends or family before the distractions of electronics detached us to different corners of the house. Get the kids (and adults) away from the TV or video games with old-fashioned board games that offer some face-to-face bonding time as well.


Aggravation Board GameAggravation was first developed in the 1960s, which may not seem so old to some of us, but it is a variation of Pachisi, which originated in ancient India. Designed for four to six players, this game can bring the whole family together around the patio dining set for warm evenings full of fun and a little competition. With a board made of wood and marbles, it won’t fly away like cards on those breezy evenings. We have made it easy to learn to play this classic game with our Aggravation Playing Guide.

Chinese Checkers

Chinese CheckersAnother great game for breezy summer evenings is Chinese Checkers. Deceptively named, the game is not a variation of checkers and is of German, not Chinese, origin. It is relatively easy to learn so is a good option for younger children or as a game to introduce strategy before moving onto more challenging games such as Chess. The game uses marble pieces and is in the shape of a six-pointed star. The goal of the game is to be the first to get your pieces into the opposite star corner on the board.


MancalaMancala is the name for a group of similar games with about 200 variations. The concept of the game is like sowing seeds. There is a board with holes organized in rows. “Seeds” are placed in the different holes with the objective to collect the most seeds. To do so, each turn, a player “sows” the seeds by taking the seeds from a hole and placing one in each of the following holes around the board. There is archaeological evidence of the game that dates as far back as the 6th and 7th centuries. A game with such proven history would surely be a hit with your family too.


ChessIf your kids are ready for a game of real strategy and skill, or you’re looking for some concentrated one-on-one time with a child, join the time-honored tradition of playing Chess. With origins dating back to eastern India in the 1st century and identification as a sport with competitions starting in Europe in the 1800s, chess has long proven itself as a game that can entertain for hours while teaching strategy, concentration, and even mathematics. Make sure you have learned the rules well (I must admit I never did) before teaching them to a child so that it doesn’t become too confusing or discouraging during the teaching/learning process. Falling in love with the game of chess could fill many slow summer afternoons for years to come.

The Amish know something about enjoying family time without the use of electronic entertainment. They have chosen to use their woodworking skills to build these games for fun all summer long, and maybe on cold winter nights too.

Interior Design Trends

Making 2016’s Interior Design Trends Work for You

Everyone from interior design bloggers to the Huffington Post has been weighing in on the interior design trends for 2016. They are fun to read and provide some inspiration but what about trends that fit into an existing space and won’t go out of style? Here are ways to incorporate some 2016 trends into your living spaces without a renovation or giving up on quality that lasts.

Two-tone Kitchens

Amish New Century Kitchen Island with Granite TopAmish Turned Leg Kitchen Island

The two-tone kitchen trend has been gaining traction for a few years. It’s a regular design choice on HGTV renovation shows.  Still, is it worth the expense of replacing your cabinets to get the look? You can incorporate the two-tone look into your space with a kitchen island. Get an island painted to contrast with your cabinets, like the Amish Turned Leg Kitchen Island, shown here in red. Or get the two-tones in the island itself. The Amish New Century Kitchen Island with Granite Top combines a wood stain finish with a white paint around the edges.

Fireplace Features

Amish Jefferson Premier Entertainment Center with Fireplace

The fireplace isn’t just for providing warmth for a chilly winter evening. Now the fireplace is the design feature for a room. Even if your house didn’t come with a fireplace, you can add this feature to any room with an electric fireplace mantel. The Amish Legacy Electric Fireplace with Bookcase adds the charm of an old English library. The Amish Jefferson Premier Entertainment Center with Fireplace creates an elegant centerpiece for the family room with space for the TV and storage.

Pedestal Side Tables

Katy Skelton Desi Small Drink TableAmish Wilmington Large Round Pedestal End Table

The pedestal table has been widely popular as a dining or kitchen table for years, but this year, it is getting noticed as a great choice as a side or accent table as well. It adds elegance and can often fit in tight spaces. The Amish Wilmington Large Round Pedestal End Table brings this timeless traditional style to the living room. Even New York furniture designer Katy Skelton has embraced this trend with her design of the Desi Small Drink Table, built by one of our Amish woodworking shops.

The Desk Dilemma

Roll Top DeskAmish Modesto Mission Open Desk with Optional Topper

Last year, desks were out. This year, they’re back in. But we all know that there is always need for a place to use the computer, do some writing, or keep important paper work. Choose a desk that is well made of beautiful hardwood and it’ll never go out of style. The Amish Modesto Mission Open Desk offers traditional craftsmen touches with plenty of storage. If you’re looking for a true centerpiece with storage galore, you can never go wrong with a roll top desk.

To be Formal or Not to be Formal

Amish Woodbury Double Pedestal Dining Room TableAmish Manhattan Trestle Table

The experts are contradicting themselves on whether or not the formal dining room is in style this year. You can please them all by dressing up your dining table, even if you don’t have the formal dining room space. The Amish Manhattan Trestle Table with its unique leg detailing will awe any dinner guest. The Amish Woodbury Double Pedestal Dining Room Table adds a gracious feel to your dining space with extensions to make room for added company.

The No-tech Space

With the constant distractions from the phone, tablet, computer, or electronic games, it’s hard for a family to face-to-face time with each other anymore. People are craving the days when the living room was where the family collected to talk about the day, play a card game together, or read a book before bedtime. Create that space again by adding a game table like the Amish Handcrafted Allendale Game Table or a cubby for reading with the Amish McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat or Amish Bow Arm Slat Loveseat Glider.

Amish Handcrafted Allendale Game TableAmish McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat with Power OptionAmish Bow Arm Slat Loveseat Glider





Sunrooms (even if you don’t have a sunroom)

Amish McCoy Rocker ReclinerAmish Shaker Rocker

It may be because we are just departing the doldrums of winter, but the sunroom is getting a lot of attention right now. Even if you don’t have separate sunroom, create a space where you can bask in the sun by gathering chairs around bright windows. The Amish Shaker Rocker allows you to sway back and forth while enjoying some rays. The Amish McCoy Rocker Recliner combines both the comfort of rocking and reclining as you view the sunset.

Mixed Metals

Whether it’s called the industrial look or mismatched materials, mixing metal with other materials, such as wood, has become widely popular. With the Amish woodworkers’ timeless style, you can find furniture that fits the craze but also lasts the test of time and individual taste. The Amish Iron Pedestal Round Dining Room Table brings a Victorian twist to the mixed materials movement. Metal can accent rustic design as well, like with the Amish Manhattan Rustica Hall Table. The POLYWOOD® Euro Bar Side Chair combines aluminum with ecofriendly Polywood to form a chair that looks great alongside any outdoor bar or pub table. Or embrace the classic industrial look with our Omni series of office furniture and bookshelves.

Amish Iron Pedestal Round Dining TableAmish Manhattan Rustica Hall TablePOLYWOOD Euro Bar Side ChairDutchCrafters Amish Furniture Omni Series

Reclaimed Materials and Rough Luxury

Amish Mission Reclaimed Barn Wood TableAmish Reclaimed Barn Wood Bow Front Desk

Ecofriendly materials are in as well as rustic and distressed design. But what about those of us who don’t love the shabby chic or cottage look?  You can embrace this style without giving up formal beauty. Even using reclaimed wood, the Amish Reclaimed Barn Wood Bow Front Desk comes with shapely curves. The Amish Mission Reclaimed Barn Wood Table cleans up real nice for any fine dining setting.

It’s always fun to keep up on what’s hot or up and coming in furniture design, but we at DutchCrafters love to balance that with style and craftsmanship that meets the demands and tastes of generations.


American-made Arbors

An Arbor for Any Space

There may still be some patches of snow here or there, but summer is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces. You can create a magical, fairytale feel for your personal oasis with an American-made arbor.  To some that may be an enchanting garden arbor with a swing to enjoy nights gazing at the stars, and for others it might be a crisp white wedding arbor overgrown with red roses connecting two families. Whether the arbor is placed in your garden, on a pathway, at a gateway to your home, or as part of the décor of a special occasion, it is sure to be the focal point of the scenery, creating a truly romantic feel for your space.

For Amish Vinyl White Kinzer Arboryour Garden

By placing an arbor in a small garden, you can break up the narrow space and add a structural element that enlarges the space. Beautiful with crawling foliage or surrounded by flowers, the Kinzer Walkway Arbor is a perfect visual entrance to your garden. Made from white vinyl to ensure durability and low maintenance, it is sure to stand up to any unwanted weather with superior strength.  This arbor won’t need paint and will not rot, crack or peel, so you can be sure of long lasting beauty.

American Made Lexington Outdoor ArborSeat with a View

Or perhaps, you’re looking for a space to take in the bold, aromatic smells of your morning coffee with the freshness the early morning.  Then an American-made Lexington Outdoor Arbor with a swing or glider is the perfect match for you.  With many customization offers available, you can order the exact arbor you have in mind.  Add a deck to keep your feet a little cleaner or go without to soak up the richness of the soil.  Find a seat that will give you the perfect spot to relax on those hot summer days with your choice of a swing, a glider, or two benches and a table. Finally, finish your arbor with the stain of your choice to blend in to the natural beauty or paint it with a bold white to stand out.

Cambridge Wedding ArchwayTime to Celebrate

If you are planning a wedding for this summer, your preparation is probably in high gear right now. Create a unique focal point with a stunning wedding arbor accented with the floral decoration that matches your theme.  The beautiful Cambridge Wedding Archway embraces two lovers as they commit to one another and ties in the visually beautiful décor to make your day extra special. Personalize your arbor to fit any space with the different size options as well as several stain choices or a white paint.

These timeless beauties are sure to be the focal point, whether blending in or standing out.  Personalize any of our Arbors to turn your outdoor living space into your private retreat.

Amish Quilt Making

Amish Quilt Making

March 19 is National Quilting Day. It celebrates quilts and those who make them, which means it is an important day for us at DutchCrafters since the Amish are well known for their quilt making.

I grew up with a quilt frame in the dining room, where my mother would applique pieces of the Tree of Life quilt pattern during brief moments of free time. Every year, the women at the Mennonite church we attended gathered to piece and hand stitch a quilt they donated to an auction that benefited a local Mennonite charity. The quilts always brought the highest bids, fueled by those who traveled miles for an authentic Mennonite quilt. I understood quilting as an intrinsic part of the Mennonite and Amish culture. But the history of Amish quilt making is not as old as one might think.

Amish Quilt Sunshine and Shadow

The Sunshine and Shadow is a classic Amish quilt pattern and often selected by art museums to represent Amish quilts.

History of Amish Quilt Making

Not much is known about how quilting became common in the Amish and Mennonite communities, but it is understood that the Amish did not have their own quilt-making tradition when they emigrated from Europe to the United States. Instead, they started making quilts in the late 1800s, likely influenced by non-Amish women around them. Nevertheless, quilt making is a natural fit for the Amish. Quilts combine a utilitarian use with artistic expression. Anyone who has visited Amish country and seen the colorful and well-manicured flower gardens know that the Amish have a taste for beauty. It is also important in the Amish culture that work have a practical purpose and not be frivolous or for arts-sake alone. Quilt making allows a person to express herself artistically while producing a product that is useful. This is very similar to furniture making and likely why the Amish have taken to making furniture so naturally as well.

During the second half of the 20th century, Amish quilts transitioned from being used at home and gifted between community members, often marking a family milestone, to being identified as works of art and sold outside the Amish community. New York collectors Jonathan Holstein and Gail van der Hoof are identified to have discovered Amish quilts during a trip to Lancaster County, PA in the late 1960s. Since then, Amish quilts have found solid footing within the American folk art scene and are a part of the permanent collections of many well-respected art museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Denver Art Museum.

Amish Quilt Stars in Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is a very well-known quilt pattern. The blocks can be set together in many ways to create a wide-variety of designs. This Stars in Log Cabin quilt is a unique variation on the pattern.

Amish Quilt Patterns

Early Amish quilts were pieced from solid colored fabrics (usually leftovers from clothing) in simple geometric designs. Some of the first Amish patterns were the Bow Tie, Amish Bars, Center Diamond (and other diamond patterns), and Nine Patch. The Amish also adapted commercially published patterns, such as the Dresden Plate (which my mother made for me), Login Cabin, and the many star patterns. In response to interest in the broader culture, Amish quilt makers have expanded the patterns they use.

Amish Quilt Trip Around the World

Similar to the Sunshine and Shadow, the Trip Around the World is a piecework pattern involving uniform squares that has been around since Colonial times.

Purchasing Amish Quilts

Even though the Amish have discovered a market for their quilts outside their community, their lifestyle can make it hard to find these quilts. There are some organized quilt auctions in Amish communities that are open to the public, but finding these quilts usually involves driving the back roads of Amish country and locating small “Quilts for Sale” signs or just asking around.

Meeting Amish furniture makers can be a very personal encounter. Their woodworking shops are often located on their home property with kids or grandkids riding their bicycles on the same driveways that shipping trucks use to pick up the furniture. Quilt buying can be even more intimate. It usually involves entering the woman’s home and flipping through quilts piled on the bed of a guest room while the quilt maker herself talks about the hours she has put into the design of each piece. Though a lot of fun, it’s a lot of work too, so we’ve done the digging for you. View our Amish Quilts and Quilt Racks section to see bed quilts and other quilted items. These are one-of-a-kind creations of art, for sure, and they can keep you warm at night too.

Amish Quilt Star in Common

Many quilt patterns incorporate a star in their designs. The Star in Common is one of those patterns, also called the Lone Star, especially if you’re from Texas.

Barkman Furniture Collection

Meet the Amish Woodworkers: Albert Barkman

Sometimes customers ask us how a company selling Amish furniture ended up in Sarasota, Florida. Though the furniture we sell is not made here (it’s made by Amish woodworkers in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio), Sarasota has a thriving Amish and Mennonite community. That’s one of the reasons why we’re here. During the winter months, the Sarasota enclave of Pinecraft busts at the seams with Amish taking breaks from austere winters up north. Tricycles (the mode of transportation for Amish here) pack the bicycle lanes. Long lines of customers twist and turn outside of Der Dutchman and Yoder’s restaurants.

Barkman Furniture Collection

Albert Barkman, the owner of Barkman Furniture in Ohio, received a special gift from his employees this past Christmas: a vacation in sunny Sarasota. So he and his wife stepped into our store a couple weeks ago to check out how we’ve displayed his pieces and talk about his furniture.

Albert Barkman in DutchCrafters Store

Albert greeted the staff in our Sarasota, Florida store, sitting around Barkman Furniture Collection pieces.

Barkman Rippleback Chair

Albert Barkman rested his jacket and hat on one of his Ripple Back Bar Stools, paired here with the Ripple Back Pedestal Table.

Like most Amish folk, Albert was born and raised on a farm but didn’t have an interest in farming as he grew older. At age 16, he started learning the furniture business, working for a cousin for a couple years. After that experience, he spent about 15 years making armoires for big-name companies such as Arhaus. In 2004, he started his own business and has been building a catalog of unique furniture pieces that he designs himself, along with his general manager. Like most businesses in the Amish community, this is a family affair. Two of his 11 children work for him, and his brother-in-law welds the tables’ steal bases.

Planked Live Edge Bar Table with Steel T-Base

The Live Edge Bar Table includes a steel base built by Albert’s brother-in-law.

Style Meets Function

Albert’s beard, a must-have for married Amish men, is not the typical untrimmed beard covering his neck but clipped like a goatee (less the mustache, of course). He is a man with a sense of style and that comes through in his furniture designs. They are contemporary with sleek lines and masterful curves. He is not satisfied to settle with forms that everyone else is building. He listens to his customers and researches the furniture-design industry in publications such as Furniture Today and Furniture World. His goal, in his own words, is to “stay ahead of the trend.” But design is hardly his only concern. Part of his wood shop’s mission is to craft furniture “worthy of being handed down from one generation of your family to the next.” When he designs a new piece, he creates the design, builds and tests the piece, and then finalizes the design to ensure the most durable construction. The dining room tables are finished on the bottom the same as they are on top. Every part of the furniture gets personal attention, ending with a hand-applied finish, never sprayed.

Amish Christy Dining Chair

Albert demonstrated the strength of the Christy Dining Chair by tilting it over and standing on its base.

When I asked him what we liked best about furniture making, he said that is was getting out and talking to people about his furniture. “I feel good about our product,” he said. “So it is easy to sell.”

More to See

See all of the products available from the Barkman Furniture Collection.

Amish Chesapeaka Queen Bedroom Set

The Chesakeaka Bedroom Set is a wonderful illustration of Albert’s furniture design skills, with a striking combination of brown maple and tiger maple wood. It’s also a fun “lost in translation” example. Albert’s mother-tongue is Pennsylvania Dutch, a German dialect spoken by the Amish and some Mennonites. When he named this line of furniture, he spelled “Chesapeaka” the way his ear heard it, later to discover it was misspelled.


Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Like many, I have been fascinated by the tiny house craze that has taken America by storm. I watch my share of home improvement and home buying TV shows that feature tiny homes and wonder where I’d store all my shoes or sun dresses. Making the best of small spaces is nothing new, though. People have been living large in big city cramped apartments for generations. Whether you’re pulling your house like an RV or in a fifth floor walkup, compact furniture with great function and innovative storage is a must have.

Seven Ways Furniture Can Do Double Duty

1. Expect more out of your dining room table: If you’re anything like me, the top of your dining room table has become a default storage area, piled with mail that needs responding or groceries waiting to be put away. Wouldn’t it be nice to use your table for storage and also have room to set the dishes for dinner every evening? It can be done with a table that has built-in storage under the table top.


Take the Amish Country Farm Dining Room Table, for example. A drawer is tucked away underneath for silverware, linens, or other kitchen storage.

Amish Beaumont Mission Table

Another ingenious solution is the Amish Beaumont Mission Table. With a storage cabinet for its pedestal and several height options, it could also serve as a kitchen island.

2. Skip the dining table altogether: Speaking of kitchen islands, if there is not enough space for both a dining table and kitchen island, combine the two. A kitchen island with a broad surface can provide plenty of room for chairs and serve as an eating table while still providing much-needed storage and space for preparing meals.

Amish Mission Kitchen IslandDesign Your Own Amish-made Kitchen Island








3. Learn from history:  The secretary desk may have been around a long time, but it continues to be a great solution for combining work space with storage, especially in this day of compact laptops and tablets. With storage underneath and often on top as well, the secretary desk is likely the perfect piece of furniture for small spaces.

Amish Grand Secretary Desk

Secretary desks can provide an impressive appearance, such as the Amish Grand Secretary Desk.

Or they can be so unobtrusive as to be tucked away in a corner or hallway, like the Amish Small Pine Secretary Desk.
Amish Pine Secretary Desk-20









4. Combine storage with seating: If your bedroom is small, don’t bother with a bedside bench. A chest or trunk provides storage as well as a place to sit. If you need to pack away pillows and blankets, try a hope chest or traditional trunk. Hope chests are available in a variety of styles from the well-known cedar chest to shaker and contemporary styles.

Amish Rustic Pine Hope Chest with Drawers

Some chests, like the Amish Rustic Pine Hope Chest with Drawers, can provide several areas of storage.

Amish Oak Wood Chest with Shoe Storage






If you’re running out of closet space, you can tuck shoes away in unexpected places, like the Amish Oak Wood Shoe Storage Chest.




5. Demand more from the longstanding solutions: A Murphy bed is always a great space saving idea when you don’t have enough room for a designated guest space or need to tuck a bed away during the day in a studio apartment or tiny house. But why can’t a Murphy bed serve other purposes as well? The Amish Vertical Wall Murphy Bed with Desk is the ultimate in space saving solutions: a work space by day and a sleeping space at night.

Amish Vertical Wall Murphy Bed with Desk

6. Go horizontal: Storage beds, like platform beds with drawers, are always a helpful solution for small spaces, but there is furniturte that takes this concept to a new level. Take advantage of the height of a room if the width is tight by placing the entire dresser under a bed.  With the Amish Sweet Dreams Storage Loft Bed you have room for clothes and books while your child sleeps soundly on top. And it doesn’t mean you need to skimp on taste, with the paneled ends and raised drawer fronts.

Amish Loft Bed with Steps

7. DAmish Dog Crate End Tableon’t forget Fido: Many dog breeds are recommended for apartment living, but that’s not always true of all of the gear that comes with owning a dog. Dog crates may be great for training but they can take up a lot of space. I love this dog crate that also serves as a side table. It’s perfect for next to a sofa or bed, so Fido can be comfortable, and you still have a place to set your cup of coffee or bedtime reading material.


February 2016 Inspirational Amish Proverb Wallpaper

Get inspired: Inspirational Amish Proverb Wallpaper for Feb 2016

It’s the month of love! Show your desktop some love with this Amish Proverb Wallpaper :).

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7 Brilliant Valentines Gifts for him to Use in 2016

7 Brilliant Valentines Gifts for Him to Use in 2016

When was the last time you bought Valentines gifts for him? What were they? A red and pink tie one year, a cheeky pair of socks the next, a steak dinner?

Ok, I can’t argue with that last one.


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8 Personlized Amish Valentines Gifts for her to Cherish in 2016

8 Personalized Amish Valentines Gifts for Her to Cherish in 2016

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Inspirational Calendar Wallpaper: January 2016

Inspirational Calendar Wallpaper: January 2016

It’s Monday after a long holiday weekend, and the last thing you may want to think about is your January schedule. But how about thinking of kindness?

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Log Furniture Ideas

Rustic Log Furniture in 3 Unexpected, Modern Lodge Spaces

Bring the organic beauty of nature into your home with genuine, luxurious rustic log furniture.  The list of enviable finds this season include pieces and placements that help you capture the look of a modern lodge without veering into the banjo-strumming territory. Read on to see how!

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#KnowledgeGrab - Epiphany or Old Christmas: An Amish Holiday Tradition explained by Timber to Table, the DutchCrafters blog

Amish Holiday Tradition: Epiphany or Old Christmas

On January 6th, the Amish get an extra dose of Old Christmas cheer. So what is this Amish Holiday Tradition all about?

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