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5 Log Cabin Essentials

Beth Rice 29/02/2024

There’s something simple and appealing about rustic log furniture. It symbolizes a simpler time and connects us to a feeling of getting away from it all. The richness of the wood and the natural look with knots and imperfections creates a connection to nature. It’s a connection that helps us to disconnect from the pressures of the day and helps create a relaxing atmosphere. If you had a log cabin or lake house to furnish… 5 Log Cabin Essentials

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5 Questions About Elm Wood

Beth Rice 08/02/2024

Mixed in with the big players of Amish furniture like oak, cherry and brown maple, elm wood can get lost in the shuffle. While it may not be the wood that’s first thought of for furniture, elm brings its own unique qualities to the table so to speak. Just what is elm wood like? Here are answers to the top five questions about elm wood. Is elm a good wood for furniture? Elm wood is… 5 Questions About Elm Wood

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What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wind Chimes

Beth Rice 01/02/2024

Soothing, relaxing and decorative, wind chimes can add something special to an outdoor space. On the patio, by the pool, in the yard or on the porch, wind chimes add a nice feature. The decorative aspect enhances the space while a wind chime song can help you relax and add to the enjoyment of your time outdoors. Depending on the material they’re made with, some wind chimes will last longer than others. The material also… What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wind Chimes

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