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DIY shed kits, amish shed kits

Nearly every Amish shed and barn are ready to ship in an easy-to assemble, do it yourself kit! Our Amish Shed Kits include detailed instructions and everything you need to assemble, including hardware, of course! Generally, our Amish woodworkers assemble as much as possible, finding the perfect balance to keep the shipping costs down and make it as easy as possible for you to assemble!

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Amish Sheds and Barns:

Proudly Made in the USA

Choose from our many shed sizes and designs to design your perfect backyard shed. Sheds are a great way to make sure that you can actually fit the car in the garage by clearing out the clutter.

21 Creative Ideas for Your New Amish Shed

  1. Our Amish Shed Kits can be used as an in style Tiny House. Tiny Houses have gained popularity as people downsize and simplify their lives.  
  2. Make your Amish shed into a Greenhouse Shed or Potting Shed.
  3. Plant a garden around the shed and have the shed be your true Garden Shed for harvesting and storing all of your gardening supplies.
  4. Transform your shed into a Camping Shed for your children and their sleepovers with friends in the backyard.  
  5. Create an Entertaining Shed in the backyard for parties and weekend get togethers. Transform the shed space inside and out with some festive ambience.    
  6. Our sheds are perfect to be used as Workshop Sheds or a Woodworking Shed.
  7. Make your shed into a Craft Shed for quilting, scrapbooking and other crafty projects that you enjoy.
  8. Sheds are a great spot to keep your outdoor family pets and farm animals safe and warm in the winter months.  
  9. If you are sick of hearing your kids and their friends play on their X-Box and other games, then move them to the backyard with their own Game Room Shed. You can set up different areas for different types of games. Have a pool table or foosball table in one area, a TV with electronic games and gaming chairs in another, then a poker table in the corner. Let the fun begin for the kids and adults!
  10. Sheds can be used as a Playhouse Shed.
  11. Turn your shed into a Man Cave Shed or a She Shed which is the woman's response to the Man Cave!
  12. Set your Amish Shed next to the backyard pool and it can be transformed into that Pool House Shed for guests to change and store their stuff.
  13. Use your shed as a Tool Shed so the garage can be clear of tools, lawn movers, blowers and other yard tools.  
  14. Turn your shed into a Work Out Shed so that you can cancel that gym membership. Get your own equipment such as weights or a treadmill and work out in the comfort of your own private gym.  
  15. If your husband loves to tinker with cars or motorcycles then consider turning your new Amish shed into a Mechanic Shed.  
  16. Our adorable sheds can become a Meditation Room for some peace and quiet.
  17. Many people love yoga and practice it at home. Why not create a Yoga Shed?
  18. Our sheds can be used specifically as a Prayer Room Shed where you can focus on your faith and spirituality.  
  19. Are you a pack rat and need extra room for storage? Then consider using your new shed as a Storage Shed.
  20. If you have an artist in the family then why not turn our Amish sheds into an Artist Studio Shed.
  21. Sheds can even be used as an Office Shed or Guest House!  

Amish Storage Sheds and Amish Barns - Superior Craftsmanship

Our Amish woodworkers take genuine pride in their work. Each and every shed they produce is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality construction!

While woodworkers place primary emphasis on the functionality of each storage shed and barn, great thought is also put into the design to produce a shed that is cute and aesthetically pleasing. Quite often our sheds are even used as greenhouses or art studios!

Don't miss our extensive collection of Amish outdoor furniture and other outdoor structures, you may find the perfect set to go with your new barn or shed!

Unparalleled Options and Selections for our Amish Sheds

Our Amish made barns and sheds are available in an immense amount of styles and sizes. A great deal of customization is also available! Need a certain amount of windows installed? A particular size door? A certain color or style? Whatever your needs, we will strive to make them a reality. Please call with any questions, for assistance beginning an order, or for assistance with customization and custom quotes on our Amish Sheds. 

The quality of our products is matched only by the quality of our outstanding customer service! Call one of our helpful and friendly sales associates with questions or ordering assistance on our Amish storage sheds.

Custom Sheds or Custom Barns

Are you interested or looking for a custom shed or barn? Our Amish woodworkers can custom build a shed from one of our existing designs or from your own design. These custom sheds are all proudly made in Lancaster, PA or Holmes County, Ohio. Call or email us to speak to one of our sales associates regarding our American made custom sheds and custom barns.