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You've come to the right place for the largest collection of Amish outdoor furniture and structures made to be strong and stylish by skilled craftspeople. Providing the comfort and function you need to entertain family and friends, our products are made in America with solid materials and the features that will serve your home and family best. Whether on the porch, patio or poolside, this outdoor furniture collection has everything you could wish for.

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What are the Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture?

At DutchCrafters, we offer strong and resistant wooden outdoor furniture as well as the popular and colorful poly outdoor furniture. Both are excellent candidates for offering comfort and style while standing up to the elements.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Our wooden outdoor furniture will stand strong for decades, acquiring a weathered look over time that adds to its charm. It's natural and versatile, blending beautifully into any setting from a wooden glider in the garden to a porch swing for cool spring nights.

Wood outdoor furniture made of cedar wood is exceptionally resistant to bugs, fungi, and decay while cypress wood furniture naturally resists warping and rot. These traits add to the value of wooden outdoor furniture making them a solid option. Plus, wood options are offered for a lower price.

Poly Outdoor Furniture

Poly outdoor furniture takes to the scene with an eco-friendly nature and lots of color. Poly furniture is made with recycled plastic that comes from milk jugs and detergent bottles. Poly lumber can be made into any outdoor furniture, and its ability to handle extreme weather both hot and cold, along with its strength, style, color, and extreme low maintenance, make poly outdoor furniture worth investing in.

With both wood outdoor furniture and poly outdoor furniture offering strength, style and durability, it really comes down to what look you like best for your outdoor haven.

What Woods are Used for Amish Wooden Outdoor Furniture?

You'll find cedar, cypress, hickory, and pine woods among our Amish outdoor furniture, all offering qualities of strength and durability as well as their natural outdoorsy look.

Cedar Wood Furniture

The majority of cedar wood that we use is either Western red cedar or aromatic cedar, with Western red being the most readily available. Outdoor cedar wood furniture features reddish to pinkish colors mixed in with browns and yellows. Some knots will be in this furniture and the fresh cedar scent is a natural repellant for insects. Cedar wood looks lovely finished or left unfinished.

Cypress Wood Furniture

Cypress outdoor furniture is light in color with few knots. There's an oil present in the heartwood of cypress that makes it like cedar, a natural repellant for pesky insects.

Hickory Outdoor Furniture

Hickory is strong and hard with a combination of dark and light colors.

Pine Outdoor Furniture

We also have outdoor furniture available in Southern yellow pine that's pressure treated and kiln dried. With its golden yellow color and distinct grain pattern, it's a natural beauty outdoors. It grows in abundance, helping keep the cost down.

What to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Entertaining Outdoors

If your outdoor space is where you entertain on a regular basis, a pergola or pavilion is something to consider. Solid wood and wood and vinyl combinations create an outside party space with access to the fresh air and sunshine. These outdoor structures are full of custom options including a wide array of size options, sun curtains and canopies, custom columns and roofs, and electrical packages to extend power to your outdoor entertaining space.

Caring for Pets Outside

You can make your backyard a comfy space for pets with our unique, quality made outdoor structures and supplies for animals. There are chicken coops, rabbit pens, dog houses, bird supplies and more, all made with solid materials that keep your pets comfy while weathering the outdoor elements.

Outdoor Décor

If you're looking to add that something special to a party, hide an unsightly stump or decorate the barn, our collection of outdoor décor is filled with options. Everyone is getting decorative with our wheelbarrows and outdoor carts that are great for enhancing outdoor celebrations. Many come with the option to add liners so they can be used as outdoor coolers to serve fresh drinks.

We offer lighthouses in wood or poly in a variety of sizes and colors with different light options to make yours unique. Our wishing wells, mailboxes, decorative cannons, and barn stars are all popular favorites for decorating the lawn and garden.

What's Next?

At any stage in your shopping, there are furniture specialists happy to lend a hand. They can be reached by email at or at our number 941-867-2233.

Our site is full of helpful information on our Amish outdoor furniture. You can find tips on our Timber to Table blog or in our Learning Center. Don't miss what others have said about their experiences with DutchCrafters. They can be found on our Reviews page.

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