DutchCrafters Poly Furniture Finds a Home at AMBS Seminary

Stunning, colorful DutchCrafters poly furniture provides a welcoming space on any campus or outdoor environment. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary loves their set of poly furniture from Berlin Gardens for both outdoor and indoor use. After welcoming guests to their booth at the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando with a pop of color from these DutchCrafters chairs, they brought the furniture home to Indiana. These durable chairs are made of recycled plastic, and they can trust that the commercial grade furniture will stand up to the elements. Despite northern Indiana’s harsh rain, snow, and sun, this furniture is designed to never fade or break down in the elements. DutchCrafters is prepared to help any institute of higher education make a long-term investment in quality Amish outdoor furniture or indoor furniture. In addition to poly lumber furniture, DutchCrafters provides Amish and American made indoor furniture for both private and commercial use. AMBS is just one of many happy B2B customers that love their DutchCrafters furniture. How can we solve your business to business furniture needs?

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