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Don't settle for ordinary when it comes to your backyard! Add an Amish Pergola to add shade and beauty to your yard. Available in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles we've got the perfect addition for your backyard. Each Amish pergola is delivered in kit form with easy to follow assembly instructions. Customize yours today!

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure with a roof supported by columns. The roof is typically a lattice roof that allows indirect sunlight to pass through.

Pergola vs Pavilion

Pergolas are different than pavilions because the roof is often open and allows indirect sunlight to pass through whereas a pavilion will have a more traditional style roof that blocks all sunlight. 

What is a Pergola Used For?

A pergola is used for a variety of reasons. They can extend your home, creating a beautiful outdoor space for lounging or dining. They can be used in your garden and look beautiful with vines wrapped around them. They can be used in the back yard or even the front yard. If you have some space that you want to spruce up, consider a pergola. For more reasons on why to choose a pergola, check out our blog on 5 Reasons to Pick a Pergola


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Feeling the need to spruce up your backyard with something that can provide shade and elegance? Our Amish pergolas are what you need! An Amish pergola provides a shaded lounge area, a fancy grilling area, or a majestic talking piece. Crafted by devoted Amish craftsmen, these pergolas will last for generations. Our pergolas come as DIY kits for you to build. The DIY pergola kits are available as vinyl pergolas or wooden pergolas. Choose your favorite style and features with our custom built pergolas!

Vinyl vs Wood Pergolas

Perhaps you are wondering whether to go with a vinyl pergola or a wood pergola. Which is better? We often recommend vinyl pergolas as they require less maintenance and will last longer. Our vinyl pergolas are also made from recycled plastic so they are ecofriendly! A wooden pergola is also a good choice. They provide a traditional feel along with that real wood look. They are typically made from pressure treated yellow pine or cedar wood. They are rot resistant but do require annual refinishing to keep them fresh and last longer. Overall, whichever style you like better is going to be your best option. 

Amish Pergolas Made in America

Our Amish Pergola Kits are made in America by Amish woodcrafters. These expert woodcrafters use only the finest material and use their expert craftsmanship to create superior products than what you'd find elsewhere. 

What's Included in My Amish Pergola Kit?

All the pieces required to make the end product will be included in your kit. What's not included are the tools necessary to build it. A list of what you'll need will be included in the assembly instructions in each pergola kit you buy. 

Is it Difficult to Build a Pergola?

It's not overly difficult to build a pergola if you are handy with tools and like to build things. Keep in mind, they may take several hours to build. We do however highly recommend you hire a contractor to help build your pergola if you are not interested in spending a few hours trying to build it. 

The DutchCrafters Experience

Our Amish pergolas are ready for you to purchase right off our site. If you need help, we have live furniture specialists here to assist you. We can't wait for you to enjoy your very own Amish pergola!