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The world of Amish furniture is a complicated one! Custom furniture involves dozens of decisions, ranging from furniture style to wood type & finish to hidden drawers. There's often new terminology for shoppers to learn and unfamiliar options to choose from. That's why our shoppers love our video guides and frequently asked questions. Learn about wood types, Amish culture, furniture styles, and more in this valuable category of videos.

It may be hard to imagine purchasing furniture online. It's a big investment with a lot of unknowns. We hope you can trust us, but if not, we expect you can trust what you hear from your fellow shoppers! Watch these customer testimonial videos to hear all about the DutchCrafters experience from customers like Edward & Brenda, Madison, and Lorraine.

We have the largest collection of Amish furniture products online: over 10,000 products from more than 150 woodworking shops. That's a lot of products to choose from! Fortunately, you can find inspiration and product highlights in our Products video category.

You may wonder whether DutchCrafters is the right store for your new Amish furniture. Well, start here and our About Us videos will tell you all about who we are and what sets DutchCrafters apart from other Amish furniture stores. Learn the stories of our Amish woodworkers, scattered across Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Amish communities. Discover the problems we see in the furniture industry and what we hope to do about it. You'll also hear some things that we love about working here at DutchCrafters.

Our final video category is all about learning: how to assemble products, how to shop on our website, and how to be prepared for your furniture delivery. For the DIY fan or simply the informed shopper, our How-to Videos are the place to go.

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Our Original Short Film: Eugene Alexander

Release Date: Aug 15, 2018

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