What Wood Type Should I Choose for my Furniture? | Amish Furniture FAQs

Which wood type is best for my solid wood furniture? That’s the question we help you answer answer in this first video of our DutchCrafters FAQ video series. Let Beth guide you through the basics of some of our most popular wood types at DutchCrafters, and learn more in our Learning Center wood types page.

DutchCrafters is the premier retailer of Amish furniture handcrafted right here in the United States. Our custom furniture is made to order, in your choice of wood type, stain, and other options. Let us be your guide through the limitless options of Amish furniture.

In this video, Beth will compare wood types for furniture. Our 6 most popular furniture wood types are Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry, Brown Maple, Walnut, and Pine. Oak wood furniture is a durable hardwood used in traditional style furniture as well as many other styles. Quarter Sawn White Oak furniture offers added benefits like reduced likelihood of cupping and warping. Cherry wood furniture is unique in that it darkens over time. Brown Maple wood furniture is a great choice for contemporary and modern hardwood furniture. Walnut wood furniture features a beautiful, dark tone, even without stain. Finally, Pine wood furniture offers rustic, farmhouse looks at a much cheaper price for a softer wood.

Order stain samples today for whichever wood types you are interested in seeing up close!

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Hi there and welcome to DutchCrafters. My name is Beth, and I’m a content writer here. We’re going to address some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at DutchCrafters and today I’m going to start with the question we probably get asked the most: What wood type should I pick for my furniture?
Our six most popular wood types are Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry, Brown Maple, Pine, and Walnut. Oak is hard, strong, and durable, and light in color. It has a well-defined wood grain and its strength makes it an ideal candidate for furniture that gets heavy use. Although it offers a traditional look, it can be used with several styles, from mission to contemporary.
For Quarter Sawn White Oak, the oak log is quartered then turned and cut to create a unique grain pattern that is not as thick as the natural pattern of oak. This method gives it the same strength and durability, with added resistance to cupping or warping. Quarter sawn oak is a popular choice for bedroom furniture and mission and shaker style furniture.
Cherry is another popular hardwood most notable because of the way it darkens over time with exposure to light. Significant darkening will occur, even after it is stained. Cherry has a fine, straight grain and its rich color makes it a front runner for elegant dining furniture.
Brown Maple is from the heartwood of the tree which is the wood closest to the center of the log. It’s rich with streaks and variations that contribute to a unique wood grain that’s sleek and smooth. It’s easy to paint and works well with contemporary styles. Now, what about hard maple? Hard maple comes from the sapwood which is the outermost portion of the log. Same strength as brown maple, but it’s heavier and denser.
Pine is a softer, lighter-toned wood, available at a much lower price point. Pine is often painted, but it can be stained with a dark finish to preserve the visibility of the wood grain through the finish. Pine is ideal for creating rustic style like country style hutches or farmhouse style tables.
Walnut comes from the heartwood; remember, that’s the center or inner part of the log where the wood is a deep, rich brown. The result is a dark-toned wood, particularly stunning in a natural or linseed oil finish. It’s a popular choice for executive office furniture, as well as fine dining furniture.
These are just a few of the many wood types available. For a full overview, please visit the wood type page in our Learning Center, or follow the link here. We encourage you to order stain samples of whichever wood types you’re interested in. Please call our furniture specialists or place an order here.

What questions do you want answered in a video? Leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you! I’m Beth (Rice) for DutchCrafters, (your custom furniture for generations). Thank you for tuning in/watching.

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