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Bowls and Feeders



Pet Feeders, Dog Feeders and Cat Feeders

Dining in style and comfort is what we strive for and that includes our furry friends!  Provide your dog or cat with a deluxe dining station that provides elevated serving bowls, stylish storage, and the solid wood furniture you love to rely on.

Our Furry Feeder Facts~

  • Solid Wood Furniture:  Custom built for your four-legged friends, these feeders complement the room with the exquisite look of solid wood
  • Elevated Bowls:  Neat and tidy, the elevated bowls provide a comfortable dining experience for pets of all ages
  • Storage Support:  Food & treats, leashes, collars, toys and more are kept organized and at your fingertips!  Our Amish Solid Pine Pet Feeder Station can hold it all
  • Convenient:  Pet bowls are dishwasher safe

Complete your American home furniture collection with the perfect pet feeding station.

Call with questions on our pet feeders and dog feeders.