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Amish Made Yard Windmills

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Draw attention to your homer, business, or restaurant with a magnificent, fully-functional, Amish-handcrafted Windmill!

Each windmill offered on DutchCrafters is proudly Amish-handcrafted in America – guaranteed. We've selectively partnered with over 70 Amish and Mennonite woodshops to offer you the largest selection and best in quality of Amish-made crafts and furniture anywhere!

Our windmills are individually crafted to order. You choose your size and colors. Additional options, such as material, may also be available. Common materials include our durable outdoor plywood, our maintenance-free, eco-friendly poly wood, aromatic red cedar wood, and treated yellow pine wood.

Ideal for use as a yard or garden accent, our windmills possess a unique charm that is irresistibly fun and beautiful! The whole neighborhood will take notice of your magnificent, colorful Amish-made windmill!

As you can see left, our larger windmills can only be described as striking, impressive, and commanding. You simply can't help but notice and be attracted to these magnificent, functioning windmills - which is why they are ideal for use as a business or restaurant attraction!

For more information on any of our Amish windmills, or for assistance beginning your order today, don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 866-272-6773.

Pine Dutch Garden Windmill

Amish Pine Dutch Garden Windmill
(ID: 2484)
Base Price: $154
Red Cedar Windmill with Swivel Top

Amish Red Cedar Windmill with Swivel Top
(ID: 31188)
Base Price: $166
Traditional Dutch Windmill - Medium

Traditional Dutch Windmill - Medium
(ID: 53038)
Base Price: $119
Pressured Treated Dutch Windmill

Amish Pressured Treated Dutch Windmill
(ID: 53995)
Base Price: $182
American Made Dutch Windmill - Large

American Made Dutch Windmill - Large
(ID: 53043)
Base Price: $174