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Amish Made Urban Chicken Coops

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Amish handcrafted chicken coops, Bring your country roots to the city and create a new family tradition with an urban chicken coop

Urban Design Chicken Coops: Where Country and City Collide

Each and every Chicken Coop we sell is authentically handcrafted by master Amish craftsmen. Who better to craft some of the finest chicken coops in the world? Farming and agriculture play a vital role in the day to day life of the Amish.  You can count on our Amish craftsman building each Chicken Coop with a unique understanding of the product, the utmost integrity and to the highest standards of craftsmanship!

What is all this Chicken Coop Craze about?

With a unique design, these chicken coops are taking over the urban backyards. Teach your children and friends about sustainability and wonders of nature! By growing eggs at home, you not only get to enjoy the freshest eggs available, but you can rest easy knowing that home grown eggs are eco-friendly. Why are they eco-friendly? By growing them at home, you're cutting down on the need for grocery stores to stock as many eggs - cutting down on carbon emissions!

Our best-selling chicken coop: Medium 4' x 6'. Perfect for up to 12 chickens!

Designed and Constructed in America

Our Chicken Coops are a true American product. Don't settle for cheap foreign imports that fall apart in months! Crafted in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, DutchCrafters Chicken Coops are built to last a lifetime! We want only the best for your chickens - oh, and you too! That's why we take special pride in selecting only the best chicken coops available.

chicken coop construction

Amish woodworkers pay close attention to the perfect placement of ventilation and nesting boxes in their chicken coops.

Superior Customer Service

Some Chicken Coops may ship assembled, while others ship as easy DIY, panelized kits. Please call us, at 1-941-867-2233. Our highly experienced Amish Furniture specialists will be happy to assist you in the purchase of your Amish Urban Chicken Coop!