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Amish Mule Chests & Chifforobes

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Craftsman Mission Mule Chest of Drawers
Amish Craftsman Mission Mule Chest of Drawers
(ID: 2858)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Le Chateau Chifforobe
Amish Le Chateau Chifforobe
(ID: 7636)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Modern Chifforobe Chest of Drawers
Amish Modern Chifforobe Chest of Drawers
(ID: 7781)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Royal Mission Mule Chest
Amish Royal Mission Mule Chest
(ID: 44873)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Heritage Mule Chest
Amish Heritage Mule Chest
(ID: 47682)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Tall Mule Chest
Amish Tall Mule Chest
(ID: 50132)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Mule Chest
Amish Shaker Mule Chest
(ID: 2822)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Mule Chest of Drawers
Amish Shaker Mule Chest of Drawers
(ID: 2898)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Country Mule Chest of Drawers
Amish Country Mule Chest of Drawers
(ID: 2899)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Louis Philippe Chifforobe
Amish Louis Philippe Chifforobe
(ID: 5006)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Greenwich Entertainment Center Mule Chest
Amish Greenwich Entertainment Center Mule Chest
(ID: 6560)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Fur Elise Chifforobe Entertainment Center
Amish Fur Elise Chifforobe Entertainment Center
(ID: 6593)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Elegant River Bend Mule Chest
Amish Elegant River Bend Mule Chest
(ID: 6636)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Oak Crest Mule Chest
Amish Oak Crest Mule Chest
(ID: 6756)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Deluxe Mule Chest
Amish Deluxe Mule Chest
(ID: 6764)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Summit Mule Chest
Amish Summit Mule Chest
(ID: 6772)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Wrap Around Mule Chest
Amish Wrap Around Mule Chest
(ID: 6782)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Deluxe Mule Chest
Amish Shaker Deluxe Mule Chest
(ID: 6797)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Deluxe Mule Chest
Amish Mission Deluxe Mule Chest
(ID: 6815)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Vineyard Chifforobe
Amish Vineyard Chifforobe
(ID: 8902)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Versailles Chifforobe by Keystone
Versailles Chifforobe by Keystone
(ID: 8967)
$4,381.30 $6,259
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Woodberry His and Hers Chest of Drawers
Amish Woodberry His and Hers Chest of Drawers
(ID: 12624)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
West Lake Mule Chest
Amish West Lake Mule Chest
(ID: 12637)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Monterey Gentleman's Chest
Amish Monterey Gentleman's Chest
(ID: 14537)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Timber Ridge Mule Chest
Amish Timber Ridge Mule Chest
(ID: 44785)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Lexington Mule Chest
Amish Lexington Mule Chest
(ID: 44889)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Wind River High Boy
Amish Wind River High Boy
(ID: 46696)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Schwartz Mission Mule Chest
Amish Schwartz Mission Mule Chest
(ID: 47774)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Johnson Mule Chest
Amish Johnson Mule Chest
(ID: 49735)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Eden 54" Mule Chest
Amish Eden 54" Mule Chest
(ID: 50113)
$199 Shipping Per Order!

Mule Chests and Chifforobes

Mule Chests Have History!

A Mule Chest offers versatile storage options, and is even designed with spaces to hang clothes. They are most commonly sought out by those with limited closet space.

The first documented mention of the Chifforobe came in the early 1900s in a Sears and Roebuck Catalog; it has been said, however, that Mule Chests and Chifforobes originated in medieval Europe only in the homes of nobility. Today, Mule Chests and Chifforobes are featured in homes across the US and Europe; however, they tend to be most prevalent and popular in the Southern regions of the US.

Similar to an armoire, Mule Chests are simply built bigger to offer more options to its user. Mule Chests originated in the south, and typically still carry some southern elegance in their design. They have the perfect charm for a cottage or cabin, but believe it or not, they are most commonly used to provide organization and storage to those living in apartments and town houses!

At DutchCrafters, we carry a wide array of Mule Chests.

We have bigger Mule Chests or smaller Mule Chests, traditional or modern Mule Chests, oak wood and maple wood Mule chests, and more ... so many different styles and varieties the only way to see them all is jump right in! But all our Mule Chests do have one thing in common, superior hardwood Amish hand-craftsmanship.

Each Mule Chest on DutchCratfers is built to order. This allows our customers to make design changes before the build begins, so that their exact needs are met. Furthermore, it provides our customers with a Chest that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

If you have any trouble locating the right Mule Chest or have any questions feel free to contact DutchCrafters toll-free at 1-866-272-6773.

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