Is Pine Furniture Right for Me? | FAQ Video

DutchCrafters solid pine wood furniture offers an affordable wood furniture solution to purchasing handcrafted American made furniture for your home or business. This short FAQ video will provide some interesting information about this unique furniture type, as well as some pros & cons that go along with owning pinewood furniture. Shop our collection of country style furniture or cottage style furniture today. We have something for every room of your house.

Why Pick Pine Wood Furniture?

Pine is one of the top choices of solid wood furniture in America for a number of reasons. Here are just a few from this video.

  • Price. Pine is cheaper than many hardwoods because it is much softer.
  • Finish. Pine often receives a beautiful, distressed finish in keeping with it’s history of use in the American farmhouse. View some pine finishes and order pine wood stain samples to view at home!
  • Accessibility. Pine trees are common all over the United States, so it’s a natural choice for use in furniture and construction.
  • Quality. Compared to plywood and particle board construction, pine offers a solid wood option that’s much more durable without the cost of hardwoods like oak or walnut.
  • Customization. Like almost everything on DutchCrafters, it can be customized with an extensive options system to get it in your favorite finish with options built just for you.
  • Shipping. At DutchCrafters, many pine products ship for free or reduced rates. This can save you considerable amount!

What are the Drawbacks to Pine?

Here are some reasons you might choose hardwoods over pine.

  • It’s soft. That means it takes dents and nicks in regular use a little quicker than oak wood or cherry wood. You can compensate for that by starting with a distressed finish.
  • It has fewer options. On most products, you’ll get fewer customization options than with hardwood.
  • Sap bleeds through. Over time, all pine wood has sap that seeps out of the wood, leaving gray-green streaking in the wood. This can show through the finish, particularly if you finish it in white or light colors. You may decide to re-paint the piece after a few years to cover it up. That’s why we recommend dark finishes on pine wood.
  • Drawers in pine furniture are more often wood slides rather than the smooth, ball bearing, soft-close drawer slides found on a lot of hardwood furniture.

Why Is Pine Wood Considered Country Style Furniture?

Pine is the primary wood type of  farmhouse country style furniture, a popular look in the rural and suburban areas alike. Pine’s popularity goes far beyond it’s price. Pine furniture can be painted, leaving a smooth finish with little visible grain. It also takes dark stains well, preserving the visibility of it’s grain while giving it a bold style. The high quality finishes on DutchCrafters pine furniture give it a gorgeous, custom finish. Often, the paint and stain receives a hand-rubbed glaze or other distressing in order to embrace the country style. In addition to the stylish look that distressing gives it, when the softer pine wood receives it’s first nicks and dents in regular use, you don’t have to worry about it ruining the appearance. Pine furniture has roots in the well-worn, hard working style of the American farmhouse.

About DutchCrafters

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You may be asking, is pine furniture right for me? Well, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of indoor pine wood furniture. The first thing you’ll notice with Pine is the customer-friendly price. Your pine options will always be available at a lower price point than hardwoods. You see, Pine is a soft wood, unlike Oak, Cherry, and Walnut. While this soft wood will wear more easily, those dents and nicks can create character and don’t affect the function or stability of the furniture. It’s still custom furniture made in America, but at a more affordable price. Additionally, many of our pine products are available as quick-ship. These products are pre-built but will still be finished with the stain or paint of your choice before shipping out. Pine is a light-colored wood with little visible grain. It takes paint very well, making paint a popular finish. You can expect a focus on high-quality finishing on your pine furniture, often with distressed and hand-rubbed options available. Pine wood often carries sap in channels through the wood, which is invisible at the time of finishing. Months after you get your piece, if it’s stained or painted a light color, the yellowish sap may appear in random streaks on your piece and bleed through the finish. For this reason, we recommend dark paint on pine. If you insist on a light color, just know that you may be looking to re-paint it after a couple years to cover up the sap streaks. Pine features many knots. Depending on the piece, your woodworker may select knot-free boards for the most visible parts of the piece, but you can expect knots on the sides and backs, and occasionally throughout. Pine furniture is typically considered country or cottage style due to the simple designs, knotty wood, and distressed finishes popular in the pieces. It’s nearly impossible to match the finish of a pine piece to a hardwood piece already in your home, but with the right finish a pine storage piece can be an excellent accent to your hardwoods. Due to the relative softness, pine may not be the best choice for pieces that receive a lot of wear, such as chairs, table tops, and desks. However, it’s a great choice for hutches, pie safes, entertainment centers, trash bins, and other storage pieces. We also offer many outdoor pine furniture pieces, which have similar characteristics to indoor pine. So, are you looking for quality, custom storage or accent furniture at the most affordable price? Want a painted piece with a country look? Pine is a great option for you. Do you intend to use it heavily? Want it to maintain that “brand new” fine furniture luster as long as possible? Maybe a hard wood like brown maple would better suit your needs. What do you think? Is pine right for you?

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