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Hardwood Canes and Walking Sticks - Amish Made in America

Each Amish Cane and Amish Walking Stick you'll find on DutchCrafters is individually handcrafted from solid hardwoods. You will be hard-pressed to find a better quality, stronger, and sturdier walking stick anywhere! Amish craftsmen have perfected the art of woodworking, and each hardwood cane is flawlessly designed for maximum comfort and grip.

Moreover, our premium solid hardwoods make for a very beautiful, modest yet sophisticated walking stick! You can choose to have your hardwood cane in a variety of stunning hardwood specie, and choose your preferred finish for a truly unique cane.

Superior Hardwood Canes - Superior Customer Service to Match!

Questions about our Amish hardwood canes or walking sticks? Call us toll free today and speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Amish furniture specialist  1-866-272-6773.

Hardwood Twisted Walking Cane

Amish Hardwood Twisted Walking Cane
(ID: 47437)
Base Price: $42
Spiral Walking Stick or Cane

Amish Spiral Walking Stick or Cane
(ID: 10223)
Base Price: $35
Cane with Brass Top

Amish Cane with Brass Top
(ID: 46392)
Base Price: $72
Buckeye Walking Cane with Handle

Amish Buckeye Walking Cane with Handle
(ID: 51398)
Base Price: $34
Hickory Wood Hiker Cane

Amish Hickory Wood Hiker Cane
(ID: 46395)
Base Price: $39
Cane Display Rack

Amish Cane Display Rack
(ID: 46397)
Base Price: $376
Hickory Wood T-Cane

Amish Hickory Wood T-Cane
(ID: 46396)
Base Price: $49