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American Made Dining Storage Including China Cabinets, Dining Buffets, & Corner Hutches All Amish Handcrafted to Order

At DutchCrafters, our Dining Room storage furniture is all American made and handcrafted by our skilled Amish woodworkers. Each piece of solid wood furniture is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship with detailed, durable, and top quality features built into the design of every china cabinet, dining buffet, and corner hutch. 

Rustic Barn Wood Hutch
Rustic Barn Wood Hutch
(ID: 57111)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Farmhouse Pine Corner Hutch
Amish Farmhouse Pine Corner Hutch
(ID: 838)
Farmhouse Corner Hutch in Pine Wood
Farmhouse Corner Hutch in Pine Wood
(ID: 1250)
Pine Wood Farmhouse Hutch
Amish Pine Wood Farmhouse Hutch
(ID: 1108)
Pine Hoosier Hutch
Amish Pine Hoosier Hutch
(ID: 822)
Primitive Pine Corner Kitchen Hutch
Amish Primitive Pine Corner Kitchen Hutch
(ID: 839)
Small Pine Corner Hutch
Amish Small Pine Corner Hutch
(ID: 842)
Full Door Corner Hutch Cabinet
Amish Full Door Corner Hutch Cabinet
(ID: 1065)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Lizzie's Painted Pine Hutch
Amish Lizzie's Painted Pine Hutch
(ID: 13041)
Grant Sideboard
Amish Grant Sideboard
(ID: 47594)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Corner Hutch
Amish Mission Corner Hutch
(ID: 1459)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
28" Pine Corner Cabinet Hutch
Amish 28" Pine Corner Cabinet Hutch
(ID: 13044)
River View Dining Room Cabinet with Two Doors
Amish River View Dining Room Cabinet with Two Doors
(ID: 42614)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Corner Hutch
Amish Shaker Corner Hutch
(ID: 45839)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Christy Hutch and Buffet
Amish Christy Hutch and Buffet
(ID: 47517)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Pine Hoosier Hutch Cupboard
Amish Pine Hoosier Hutch Cupboard
(ID: 829)
One Door Corner Hutch
Amish One Door Corner Hutch
(ID: 1064)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Pine Wood Farmhouse Buffet
Amish Pine Wood Farmhouse Buffet
(ID: 2402)
Berkley Mission Sideboard
Amish Berkley Mission Sideboard
(ID: 12337)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Salzburg Shaker Sideboard
Amish Salzburg Shaker Sideboard
(ID: 13449)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Style Madison Buffet
Amish Shaker Style Madison Buffet
(ID: 45852)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Ethan's Buffet
Amish Ethan's Buffet
(ID: 47481)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Colebrook Sideboard
Amish Colebrook Sideboard
(ID: 47483)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Bunker Hill Buffet
Amish Bunker Hill Buffet
(ID: 48978)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Bunker Hill Buffet with 3 Drawers
Amish Bunker Hill Buffet with 3 Drawers
(ID: 48979)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Primitive Pine Wood Farmhouse Hutch
Amish Primitive Pine Wood Farmhouse Hutch
(ID: 840)
Queen Anne Corner Hutch
Amish Queen Anne Corner Hutch
(ID: 926)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
56" Three Door Hutch with Glass Sides
Amish 56" Three Door Hutch with Glass Sides
(ID: 1053)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
2-door Corner Hutch
Amish 2-door Corner Hutch
(ID: 1100)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Pine Sideboard with Server Tray
Amish Pine Sideboard with Server Tray
(ID: 4283)

Whether you're looking for that classic country style that Amish furniture is known for, or you are wanting a more modern / contemporary look, our wood shops know how to adapt with the times and build a variety of styles for the ever changing furniture trends.

A Selection for Any Home

  • With so many different furniture styles, it is important to us at DutchCrafters to offer something for everyone and that is why we have over two hundred different wood shops that custom build handcrafted furniture in every style.
  • With Dining Storage Furniture, these styles can really be amplified because of the details required to build each piece. Whether it's a large china hutch, a small dining buffet, or a space saving corner hutch, each one requires detailed drawers, doors, moldings, shelving, and hardware to match the specific look.
  • Choose from the classics like Mission, Shaker, Queen Anne, & Colonial, or the more modern / trendy styles like Industrial, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern, & Reclaimed.
  • We offer a look for every home that will match your personal style and existing home decor.

Customize Your Dining Room Storage

Our selection of dining room storage furniture is completely customizable to fit your specific size, style, or design needs. With most of our wood shops able to handcraft completely custom furniture to fit your specific requirements, the possibilities are endless. You can personally design a dining or kitchen hutch, a sideboard, or a corner hutch to fit your dining room or kitchen space perfectly and if for some reason a wood shop can't customize a piece to your needs, we will do our best to find one that will.

Choosing Your Features

With dining storage like china hutches, buffets, and corner hutches, there are many options to choose from when placing your order. One of the first decisions is the wood type that you want your furniture built from. A Mission style oak hutch will have a completely different look than a Mission style cherry hutch. Knowing the right wood type for your furniture can make the ordering process much easier.

In addition to the wood type, you will need to select a finish type to go with it. This will protect the wood and add some extra color to the furniture, helping it to match the look you are going for. When selecting your options there is usually a "?" symbol next to each option that describes them in more detail.

Other features that are common with dining case pieces include:

  • Drawer Slide Options (side mount or under mount soft-close)
  • Lighting Options (halogen, LED, or touch lighting)
  • Back Type (plywood, tongue & groove, or mirrored back)
  • Hardware Options (drawer/door knobs & pulls)

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