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The Corner Hutch Category Page from DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

 The Right Wooden Corner Cabinet Can Utilize Your Unused Corner Space and Add a Stunning Accent to Any Room!

What should you look for when purchasing a corner hutch? At DutchCrafters we offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from so you can find the perfect corner hutch for your personal style and home decor.

Corners can be difficult places to furnish, and for that reason they often become “wasted space.” But, if you know what to look for, a corner hutch or corner cabinet can be the perfect way to utilize this space by creating an area that brings the room to life with warmth, strength, beauty, and plenty of extra storage for your dining essentials.

A couple of the main features to keep in mind when shopping for a corner hutch or corner cabinet include:

  • Wood Type - The type of wood used to build your corner hutch can make a huge difference in the overall look. With different grains & colors, an oak hutch can differ widely from a cherry hutch. Luckily we offer our corner hutches in a variety of hardwoods and finishes so you can choose a wood and finish combination that is right for you.
  • Shelving -  Glass shelving is typically used in the top portion of the hutch, especially if displaying your china and fancy dinner ware is your main goal. The glass allows light to travel through the shelf and illuminate the entire space. Glass shelves can usually be substituted for wood shelves if displaying is not the purpose and to offer a little more durability to the shelves.
  • Back Type - The type of back used on your corner hutch can also change the overall look. Many hutches come standard with a same species plywood back, meaning that an oak hutch will have an oak plywood back. This is an adequate back type that provides plenty of support, however if you want something a little more aesthetically pleasing, we also offer the option to upgrade to a solid shiplap or tongue & groove back for extra durability and visual appeal. Mirror backs are another option to add depth to the piece and enhance the presentation of your display items. 

A dining room corner hutch is often used to store and display china in the top cabinet area and serving bowls in the bottom cabinet. Corner hutches are also useful in the kitchen where they are used to store mixing bowls, spices, and other kitchen supplies. Many people even place their corner hutch in the living room where it functions as a corner curio cabinet - displaying trophies, souvenirs, and other mementos. By utilizing and filling an unused corner, the corner hutch makes any room feel cozy and complete.

Handcrafted by the renowned Amish woodworkers of Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, you won't be disappointed with the quality of these beautiful corner hutches!

Our Corner Hutches Feature Premium Hardwoods and Superior Amish Hand-Craftsmanship!

The solid wood Amish corner hutches you’ll find at DutchCrafters are beautifully handcrafted using unique skill sets and an unrivaled knowledge of wood only held by an authentic Amish furniture artisan.

This premium hardwood lumber is hand-selected by the craftsman for strength and character in the grain. A quality hardwood will endure generations and is often reused and renovated throughout time, but never cast away into landfills or dumps.

Moreover, each corner hutch from DutchCrafters is built to your specific needs, with the hardwood and protective finish of your choice. Upon completion, the Amish craftsmen who handcraft each corner hutch thoroughly inspect the wood and design for any flaws or imperfections. As opposed to cheap imported furniture, machine-constructed on assembly lines, each and every corner hutch from DutchCrafters receives the finely-honed touch and genuine attention of an authentic, American carpenter – this is the service and quality you deserve!

At DutchCrafters, we have a knowledgeable Amish furniture specialist available 6 days a week for your shopping convenience. Have questions about our hardwoods or finish packages? Need to fill a specific space with custom dimensions? We’re here to help you create a custom hardwood corner hutch of your dreams!

Call toll free today!   866-272-6773

Farmhouse Corner Hutch in Pine Wood
Farmhouse Corner Hutch in Pine Wood
(ID: 1250)
Primitive Pine Corner Kitchen Hutch
Amish Primitive Pine Corner Kitchen Hutch
(ID: 839)
Pine Corner Hutch
Amish Pine Corner Hutch
(ID: 838)
Pine Wood Corner Cabinet Hutch
Amish Pine Wood Corner Cabinet Hutch
(ID: 12848)
Shaker Corner Hutch
Amish Shaker Corner Hutch
(ID: 45839)
Small Pine Corner Hutch
Amish Small Pine Corner Hutch
(ID: 842)
Small Corner Hutch Cabinet in Pine Wood
Small Amish Corner Hutch Cabinet in Pine Wood
(ID: 12847)
One Door Corner Hutch
Amish One Door Corner Hutch
(ID: 1064)
Full Door Corner Hutch Cabinet
Amish Full Door Corner Hutch Cabinet
(ID: 1065)
Deluxe Corner Hutch
Amish Deluxe Corner Hutch
(ID: 44983)
Queen Anne Corner Hutch
Amish Queen Anne Corner Hutch
(ID: 926)
2-door Corner Hutch
Amish 2-door Corner Hutch
(ID: 1100)
Mission Corner Hutch
Amish Mission Corner Hutch
(ID: 1459)
Plymouth Corner Hutch
Amish Plymouth Corner Hutch
(ID: 4324)
Barn Wood Corner Hutch
Amish Barn Wood Corner Hutch
(ID: 41331)
Kastin Klassic 24" Corner Hutch
Amish Kastin Klassic 24" Corner Hutch
(ID: 44978)
Serenity Corner Hutch
Amish Serenity Corner Hutch
(ID: 44989)
Rustic Hickory Corner Hutch
Amish Rustic Hickory Corner Hutch
(ID: 46746)
Rustic Hickory Corner Hutch with Glass Doors
Amish Rustic Hickory Corner Hutch with Glass Doors
(ID: 46747)
Bunker Hill Corner Hutch Full Doors
Bunker Hill Amish Corner Hutch Full Doors
(ID: 48971)
Bunker Hill Corner Hutch
Amish Bunker Hill Corner Hutch
(ID: 48974)
Georgetown Corner Hutch
Amish Georgetown Corner Hutch
(ID: 49972)
Corner Hutch with Opening in Middle
Amish Corner Hutch with Opening in Middle
(ID: 50076)
Corner Hutch
Amish Corner Hutch
(ID: 50077)
Solid Wood Corner Hutch Cabinet
Amish Solid Wood Corner Hutch Cabinet
(ID: 1101)
Two Door Corner Hutch with Mirror Back
Amish Two Door Corner Hutch with Mirror Back
(ID: 1527)
Plantation Corner Hutch
Amish Plantation Corner Hutch
(ID: 3633)
Concord Corner Hutch
Amish Concord Corner Hutch
(ID: 3638)
American Shaker Corner Hutch
American Shaker Corner Hutch
(ID: 3642)
Queen Anne Corner China Hutch
Amish Queen Anne Corner China Hutch
(ID: 3650)

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