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Living Room Seating

Charlottesville Recliner Glider
Amish Charlottesville Recliner Glider
(ID: 52454)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Heartland Slat Mission Recliner with Option Power Recliner
Amish Heartland Slat Mission Recliner with Option Power Recliner
(ID: 46637)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission McCoy Recliner with Optional Power Recliner
Mission McCoy Recliner with Optional Power Recliner
(ID: 46638)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Maybury Rocking Chair
Amish Maybury Rocking Chair
(ID: 5312)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Morris Chair
Amish McCoy Morris Chair
(ID: 46673)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Slat Ottoman
Amish Mission Slat Ottoman
(ID: 4404)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Footstool
Amish Mission Footstool
(ID: 10672)
Classic Mission Morris Lounge Chair
Classic Mission Morris Lounge Chair
(ID: 13094)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
Amish Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
(ID: 41347)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shackleton Wide Rocking Chair
Amish Shackleton Wide Rocking Chair
(ID: 42358)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
Amish Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
(ID: 44927)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Amish Glider
(ID: 52469)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Glider Rocker
Amish Glider Rocker
(ID: 11451)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Blue Mountain Hickory Rocker
Amish Blue Mountain Hickory Rocker
(ID: 31347)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Little Tod Footstool
Amish Little Tod Footstool
(ID: 42364)
McCoy Sofa
Amish McCoy Sofa
(ID: 46646)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Footstool
Amish McCoy Footstool
(ID: 46648)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Rustic Hickory Fireside Upholstered Footstool
Amish Rustic Hickory Fireside Upholstered Footstool
(ID: 47277)
London Swivel Glider
Amish London Swivel Glider
(ID: 48259)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Upholstered London Ottoman
Amish Upholstered London Ottoman
(ID: 51396)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Daisy Rocking Chair
Amish Daisy Rocking Chair
(ID: 1629)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Upholstered Aunties Rocker
Amish Upholstered Aunties Rocker
(ID: 5313)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Heritage Swivel Glider Rocking Chair
Amish Heritage Swivel Glider Rocking Chair
(ID: 5315)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Amish-Made Queen Lounge Chair
Amish-Made Queen Lounge Chair
(ID: 10219)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Hickory Twig Oversized Rocker
Hickory Twig Oversized Amish Rocker
(ID: 31367)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Hickory Glider Rocker
Amish Hickory Glider Rocker
(ID: 31378)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Goshen Shaker Recliner
Amish Goshen Shaker Recliner
(ID: 48395)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Swivel Nursery Glider
Amish Swivel Nursery Glider
(ID: 51378)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Upholstered Rocking Chair
Amish McCoy Upholstered Rocking Chair
(ID: 52708)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Moon River Mission Sofa
Amish Moon River Mission Sofa
(ID: 4397)
$199 Shipping Per Order!

Upholstered Living Room Seating: Endless Possibilities

Sit down, take a load off – that’s what living room furniture is all about! We understand that after a long day’s work, it’s important to have a comfortable spot to stretch out and cuddle up with those you love most. Not only does it need to be a beautiful accent piece for your living room, your furniture also needs to be functional and comfortable. We are proud to offer a large variety of upholstered items for your living room! They’re handcrafted and built right here in the USA for the highest quality and comfort.

Rocking Chairs & Gliders

For some, the gentle rocking motion is something that is a necessity after a long day at the office. Others rely on it in their nursery to put their newborns to sleep. Our Amish rocking chairs and gliders, handcrafted by expert craftsmen, are built to last for generations. Once your little ones no longer need the rocker in the nursery, bring it out to the living room for all to enjoy – our rocking chairs and gliders are the perfect accent pieces. Let the years pass by, and imagine when your children grow up and have children of their own. Because these gliders and rockers are crafted with care and built to last for generations, this investment into solid wood furniture is one that will continue to give for years to come.

london swivel glider rocker

Swivel and rock all at once with our unique Amish London Swivel Glider.

Sofas & Loveseats

These aren’t any “traditional” sofas or loveseats – in fact, they’re better! Every sofa and loveseat is handcrafted and made specifically to order right here in the United States. The solid wood frames create a sturdy and sound foundation to the plush and comfortable upholstered cushions. From stationary sofas to reclining, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Additionally, choose from countless options such as power reclining add-ons and durable Crypton fabrics. The quality on these sofas and loveseats are superb, and you’ll appreciate it the second you sit down and relax in one.

mccoy reclining sofa with power option

Check out the Amish McCoy Mission Reclining Sofa with the option for power reclining.

Recliners & Accent Chairs

Find the perfect sofa or loveseat and looking for a complimentary recliner? No problem! We have several matching sets within our living room seating categories – you’ll be able to create a show stopping living room set with ease. All recliners are supported by hand-inspected and installed mechanisms that provide smooth motion as you recline back to take your afternoon nap. Our accent chairs are available in a variety of unique and fun styles as well. These go great in any living room, or honestly anywhere you need that little accent chair to make the room complete.

heartland slat mission recliner

Stretch out and relax in our popular Amish Heartland Slat Mission Recliner.

Give Us A Call

Not finding the piece you’re looking for, or want to make some changes to a product you do see? We love to customize our products, especially ones handcrafted by our Amish woodworkers! Our Amish craftsmen love to create masterpieces that fit your unique and one-of-a-kind vision. Please give us a call at 1-866-272-6773 and one of our friendly and knowledgable sales associates will be glad to assist you further. We’ve sat in these beautiful pieces and would love to bring the joy of these handcrafted pieces to your home today.

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