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Amish Armoires & Wardrobes

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Rustic Barnwood Wardrobe
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Rustic Barnwood Wardrobe
from $1,326
Versailles Armoire
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Amish Versailles Armoire
from $2,070
Pine Wood Wardrobe Armoire
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Amish Pine Wood Wardrobe Armoire
from $999
Mission Armoire Wardrobe
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Amish Mission Armoire Wardrobe
from $963
Shaker Armoire Wardrobe
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Amish Shaker Armoire Wardrobe
from $963
Johnson Armoire
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Amish Johnson Armoire
from $2,181
Mission Deluxe Armoire
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Amish Mission Deluxe Armoire
from $2,077
Cascade Gentleman's Chest
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Amish Cascade Gentleman's Chest
from $1,888
Shaker Wardrobe Armoire
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Amish Shaker Wardrobe Armoire
from $2,594
Colonial Armoire
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Amish Colonial Armoire
from $2,079
Louis Philippe Armoire
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Amish Louis Philippe Armoire
from $2,461
English Shaker Armoire
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Amish English Shaker Armoire
from $841
Rustic Cedar Armoire with Side Door
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Amish Rustic Cedar Armoire with Side Door
from $1,300
Pine Armoire
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Amish Pine Armoire
from $750
Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Armoire
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Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Armoire
from $2,090
48" Armoire With Optional Pocket Doors
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Amish 48" Armoire With Optional Pocket Doors
from $2,169
Hardwood Shaker Armoire
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Amish Hardwood Shaker Armoire
from $2,073
Craftsman Mission Armoire
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Amish Craftsman Mission Armoire
from $2,539
Royal Mission Armoire
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Amish Royal Mission Armoire
from $2,073
Wrap Around Armoire
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Amish Wrap Around Armoire
from $1,771
Concord Armoire
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Amish Concord Armoire
from $1,692
Early American Chest of Drawers Armoire
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Amish Early American Chest of Drawers Armoire
from $2,208
Royal Two Drawer Two Door Mission Armoire
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Amish Royal Two Drawer Two Door Mission Armoire
from $1,684
Schwartz Mission Chest on Chest Armoire
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Amish Schwartz Mission Chest on Chest Armoire
from $1,646
Eden Armoire
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Amish Eden Armoire
from $855
Madison Armoire
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Amish Madison Armoire
from $1,339
Tranquil Valley Armoire
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Amish Tranquil Valley Armoire
from $8,598
Meadow Brook Armoire
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Amish Meadow Brook Armoire
from $1,354
Marshfield Armoire
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Amish Marshfield Armoire
from $2,026
42" Armoire
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Amish 42" Armoire
from $2,158

Amish Made Armoires | Solid Wood

Amish Made Armoires, Wardrobes, and Chifferobes - Beauty and Storage for any Bedroom Suite

We are proud to carry one of the largest collections of Amish handcrafted armoires ever assembled!  We offer an array of styles and sizes, from many different collections, so you can get just the right piece to incorporate into your unique space.  Each wardrobe armoire is made to order, with many different solid wood and stain combinations.  With so many different options, there will not be a bedroom you can't decorate with one of these gorgeous store pieces.

Features Of Your New Armoire

While not all armoires will have the same style or dimensions, there are a couple of features that will make your new piece a versatile centerpiece to your storage decor! Not only are their styles different, but the names they are called differ too. Many people may refer to them as a wardrobe or chifferobe, in addition to armoire - but the concept is always generally the same. Most armoires feature two or three spacious drawers that will house your clothes, linens, and other necessities - perfect as extra storage for less frequently used items as well. The top cabinet typically offers a variety of different layouts, from the clothes bar for hanging your favorite garments or adjustable shelves for folded items, to the TV swivel, cable box space, pocket doors and a knockout back to create a beautiful entertainment armoire, right in your bedroom.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Each and every armoire that we offer is painstakingly handcrafted, piece by piece. The finished result is a wardrobe that will serve as an extension of your closet to store folded and hanging clothes alike. You can rest assured that every detail of your solid wood wardrobe was developed and inspected by a world-class craftsman. Our craftsmen have a reputation to uphold, and treat each and every armoire they produce as a way to display the very highest standards of craftsmanship the Amish are known for!

Made in America - Guaranteed

An investment in Amish Bedroom Furniture, is an investment in America! When you buy American, your money is then re-invested further into American grocers, farmers, doctors, etc...This effect is known as the multiplier effect. Keep your money in-house and help us support the American economy!

Additionally, American made products offer American integrity, which, quite frankly, is often lacking in mass-produced foreign imports!

A Solid Investment

DutchCrafters Armoires are a rock solid investment. Built to heirloom quality standards, you can count on your American-made Armoire serving you and your family for generations. Constructed from 100% solid hardwoods and superior hardware, our Armoires are strong, durable, and, of course, beautiful. You will never have to purchase another Armoire again!  See all of our beautiful Amish Bedroom Furniture and build the set of your dreams!

Call Today

For the convenience of our customers DutchCrafters has on-call Amish furniture specialists available by phone, to answer any questions. Feel free to call during our normal business operating hours, and our furniture specialists will gladly go the extra mile to assist you in developing your dream Armoire. The call is toll-free! 1-866-272-6773

4/25/2017 5:24:35 AM