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Amish Kids Beds

A Lifetime of Comfort

We're incredibly proud to offer such a wide range of handcrafted kids' beds. Built with dedication and care by our Amish woodworkers, every one of our solid wood bunk beds, storage beds, and kids' loft beds are shining examples of the inimitable quality that comes when pieces are built by hand from high-quality materials. None of these beds is a mass-produced sleeping space - each one is a completely unique, made-to-order masterpiece just waiting for an owner to make it their own.

Strength and Resiliency

And while all of our beds look beautiful, their solid wood construction means that they're every inch as strong and robust as they are stylish. Our Amish woodworkers all come from big families of their own, giving them a full awareness of the incredible levels of stress and energy that happy kids can (accidentally!) put their furniture through. That's why every piece of each bed is built to withstand generations of jumping competitions, sticker packs, and monkey antics with grace and strength - there's more to a solid wood bunk bed than just the good looks, after all.

Family Innovations

Coming from such big families, our woodworkers are always keen to find new ways to make sure everyone in their home - no matter who's stopped by for the night - has a great nights' sleep. That desire for design also extends to finding new ways for kids to use their beds not just for sleeping, but for reading, studying, playing, and sharing fun, too. We're also very pleased to offer the widest range of sleep, study, and storage Amish bunk beds, kids' lofts, and open lofts available anywhere online, and we're more than happy to take any of these pieces and work with you to customize it until it exactly matches your unique needs. Just give us a call at 941-867-2233 anytime to chat about what you're looking for - we would love nothing more than to bring every last detail of your vision to life.