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Quilt Displays

How to Display a Quilt

Quilts aren't meticulously handmade through hours of work just to sit in a box and waste away! But unless it's in use on a bed, what else can you do with your quilt? Here are a few ways you can display a quilt: 

  • Quilt Display Stand
  • Quilt Rack
  • Quilt Display Cabinet
  • Quilt Curio Cabinet
  • Quilt Display Case
  • Quilt Clamp

Wooden Quilt Rack or Display Stand

The quilt rack is built with two goals in mind: hanging quilts to keep them from wrinkling and molding away and presenting the quilts so they can be seen. The typical quilt rack here on DutchCrafters is a few feet tall and features 2-4 bars over which quilts can be hung. 

Quilt Display Cabinets and Quilt Display Cases

The reason to go with a Display Cabinet or Display case over a rack is simple: it's enclosed. Quilt display cases still offer hanging rods and a means to view your beautiful quilts, but this time through glass. With the added protection of an enclosing case, your quilt will be safe from mice, mildew, dust, and humidity. That's why our most popular quilt display is the fully enclosed Medium Quilt Curio

Add a quilt display case or quilt stand to your home and share the beauty of a Hand Made Amish Quilt