Qualities of Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry is a hardwood that grows mainly in New York and Pennsylvania. It is easily shaped and polishes well so is a popular choice for fine furniture. It is known for both its strength and beauty.

Cherry Wood Furniture in the Liberty Office Set

Liberty Office Set in Cherry with Rich Cherry Stain

Cherry Wood Furniture in the Buckingham Living Room Set

Buckingham Living Room Set in Cherry with  OCS108 S-14 Stain

Look of Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wood used for furniture has traditionally been cut from the heartwood of the tree and has a fine, straight grain but can have occasional knots, mineral streaks or sap pockets. Its natural color ranges from blond to reddish brown. Its color darkens naturally with time depending on the amount of light that the wood is exposed to. It can take from a month to a few years for cherry wood furniture to reach full color tone maturity. It is recommended to keep all parts of cherry furniture equally exposed to light for about six months so that it ages evenly. Matching older cherry furniture with new pieces can be a challenge because of this natural darkening process.

Cherry Wood Furniture Aging Process

This image shows the difference between newly finished cherry wood and cherry after it has naturally darkened.

Samples of Stain Finishes on Cherry Wood

A natural finish as well as rich stains with reddish tints look beautiful on cherry.  Queen Anne style furniture is often built in cherry using dark or red stain finishes. Here are some examples of cherry wood in a variety of stains.

Cherry with natural stain


Cherry with Medium Stain


Cherry with Michaels Cherry Stain

Michael's Cherry

Cherry with Washington Stain


Cherry with Acres Stain


Cherry with Antique Slate Stain

Antique Slate

Natural Characteristics of Cherry Wood

Here are some examples of the variation in color as well as knots, mineral streaks or sap pockets that are a natural part of cherry wood.

Cherry grain
Cherry color variations
Cherry grain and stain variations
Cherry mineral streaks and sap pockets


If you are interested in solid cherry wood furniture made by Amish woodworkers, we are happy to help you find exactly what you want. Contact our furniture specialists at 866-272-6773.

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