Qualities of Brown Maple Furniture

Brown maple is the heartwood (wood closest to the center of the log) of maple trees. It is softer and has more streaks and variations than the sapwood, or outer part of the log, often called hard maple. Though softer than hard maple, it is still a hard wood and is often compared to the hardness of cherry. Brown maple is a more economical wood choice than cherry or hard maple, and offers many similar characteristics such as its smooth grain. For this reason, it has become a very popular choice for furniture.

Look of Brown Maple Furniture

Brown maple has a straight grain but the natural color can vary from light, similar to hard maple, to darker streaks. It is typical to have a variation of color in a single cut of brown maple, including pearly white, chestnut and khaki brown shades. The smooth grain makes it ideal for painting or dark stains. Brown maple in its natural finish may include darker streaks that have a greenish tone. For this reason, it is not recommended to keep brown maple in its natural finish.

Natural Brown Maple Variations
Natural Brown Maple Variations
Natural Brown Maple Variations

These images show the variation in natural brown maple and the green tones that can appear.

Samples of Stain Finishes on Brown Maple

The appearance of brown maple will change with stain, but variations from lighter to darker, will be naturally included with any stain color on brown maple.

Brown Maple Wood with Natural Stain


Brown Maple Wood with Medium Stain


Brown Maple Wood with Michael's Cherry Stain

Michael's Cherry

Maple Brown Wood with Washington Stain


Brown Maple Wood with Acres Stain


Brown Maple Wood with Antique Slate Stain

Antique Slate

Natural Characteristics of Brown Maple Wood

Here are examples of the variations that can be found in brown maple.

Sample of brown maple furniture
Sample of brown maple furniture
Sample of Brown Maple Furniture
Brown maple furniture


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