How Do I Protect My Solid Wood Furniture From Damage?

How can I protect my solid wood furniture from damage? What happens if I don’t care for solid wood furniture? What causes a wood furniture split? What is this foggy white spot in my wood furniture? Today Beth answers these questions and more. Solid wood furniture is a significant investment, and we want you to get the most out of your solid wood furniture with a lifetime of use. However, you must learn to protect and care for the wood furniture to prevent wood finish damage. If you wonder why wood splits, you’ll want to listen to Beth’s warning about regulating your home’s temperature and humidity. If you wonder there’s a white spot in your wood, you’ll want to listen to Beth’s warning to use hot pads and coasters. There are several steps to take to provide an ideal environment for your wood furniture, but it isn’t hard and will pay off in the long run with decades of use. Start with the basic tips to protect solid wood furniture in your home or business with this video. For more tips, check out our Caring for Solid Wood Furniture video or the Caring for Wood Furniture page in our Learning Center.

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Transcript: Welcome to DutchCrafters and thanks for joining us for more FAQ questions! I’m Beth and today’s question is, “How do I protect my solid wood furniture from damage?” We understand your solid wood furniture is a significant investment to make, and we want to help make sure your investment pays off and your furniture lasts a lifetime. An important precaution to take to protect your wood furniture is to carefully manage the temperature and humidity in your home. Wood is a natural material that tends to respond to its environment. It expands in a humid climate and contracts in a dry one. Some flexing is normal, but if either extreme humidity or dry, cold air is left unchecked, it can cause permanent damage to your furniture. Get familiar with the humidity in your region of the country. Healthy humidity for your solid wood furniture should be maintained at about 35-45% with the use of air conditioning and humidifiers. We recommend keeping a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your home and be careful about the placement of your furniture. Don’t have it positioned too close to heating or cooling vents. Water and heat damage is another concern and can cause the finish to lift off a wooden surface leaving a foggy, white spot. A good rule of thumb is if an object is too hot to hold comfortably, don’t set it on your wooden surface. Protect your furniture from heat and water damage with pretty hot pads and coasters. Check out more helpful tips on protecting your solid wood furniture in our DutchCrafters video, “Caring for Your Solid Wood Furniture”, as well as the Caring for Wood Furniture Page in our Learning Center. What experiences and advice do you have about caring for your solid wood furniture? Please share them with us in the comments. I’m Beth Rice for DutchCrafters. Thanks for watching.

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