Hidden Compartment Revealed on the Siesta Mission Nightstand

The Siesta Mission Nightstand is a beautiful piece of furniture that adds style and functionality to your bedroom. It features a spacious drawer, a lower shelf, and a solid wood top. But there is more to this nightstand than meets the eye. Beneath the latched top, you’ll find a hidden, felt-lined compartment that is great for storing jewelry and valuables.

The Hidden Compartment

This clever design allows you to keep your precious items safe and out of sight, while keeping easy access to them whenever you need them. The only indication that the secret, low-profile compartment exists is that the top drawer’s internal configuration in the nightstand will not be as tall when it is opened. This drawer makes for a good location to store jewelry, a wallet, important paperwork, and anything else you’d like quick access to without anyone stumbling across them. 

How to Open the Hidden Compartment

Here’s how to reveal the nightstand’s hidden compartment: 

  1. Place the nightstand’s included magnet key in the unlocking spot near the latch on the back of the nightstand to unlock the top
  2. Slide the nightstand’s top forward to reveal a hidden valuables shelf
  3. Simply remove the magnet key and slide the top closed to hide away the secret compartment

Details of the Secret Shelf

The hidden compartment has a smooth sliding mechanism. It is discreetly concealed behind the front panel of the nightstand, so no one will suspect its existence. The felt lining protects your items from scratches and damage. The magnet key is easy to use and can be stored in a drawer, on any metallic surface nearby, or anywhere you like.

Additional Customizations Available

As with most products at DutchCrafters, you can also choose from several wood types, dozens of stain colors, and hardware options to customize your nightstand according to your preferences. Order an entire bedroom set in the same wood and finish or match your existing bed to create your own unique pairing. 

The Siesta Mission Nightstand is part of the popular Siesta Mission bedroom set, including the bestselling Siesta Mission Bed. This convenient product is bench-built by skilled Amish artisans who use only the finest materials and techniques. It is built to last for generations and will add charm and character to your bedroom.

Order your Siesta Mission Nightstand today from DutchCrafters, the leading online retailer of Amish furniture. You will love the quality and craftsmanship of this nightstand, as well as its unique hidden feature. This nightstand is also available in a three-drawer layout: the Siesta Mission Three Drawer Nightstand

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