Library Step Stool Chair: Convertible Space Saving Furniture Design

The Amish made Library Step Stool Chair from DutchCrafters is space saving furniture at its finest. This piece not only serves double function as seating and a step stool; it does so with Amish-made durability and strength that you can trust. 

Library Chair

Whether it’s positioned as a desk chair, a standalone reading chair, or table-side seating, this chair lends a beautiful design to your library or office. The seat is designed for comfort with curved back supports and flat, horizontal back slats. The piece can be built with your favorite wood type: oak, cherry, or quarter sawn white oak wood. Then, select the perfect stain color to match your home, library, or office decor! 

Step Stool

In step stool form, this piece offers three steps plus a flat top, all built in solid wood. This piece’s durable build features time-honored Amish furniture construction techniques. The weight and stability of this stool instills a confidence that allows you to focus on what’s important: picking the perfect read from the upper shelves. Why risk your well-being by climbing on flimsy, plastic step stools built with minimal materials to cut costs.  

How to Convert This Piece

This piece offers a simple, one-step shift from chair to step stool. First, ensure that you have space for the maneuver. Then, while standing beside the chair, simply fold the backrest forward toward the front of the seat until the backrest approaches the ground. A second hand on the chair leg may help you guide the seat into its step stool orientation. This turns your chair backrest into part of the base and the chair’s back legs into the upper steps. 

Alternate Use: A Kitchen Step Stool & Dining Chair

Some customers find an alternate use for this chair: in the kitchen! In the kitchen or dining area, the step stool provides access to high kitchen shelves and cabinets before folding into its chair form to provide seating alongside dining table or breakfast nook. 

However and wherever you use this step stool chair, we are confident that its design will keep you safe and comfortable. Custom order your convertible step stool chair today. 

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