Reclaimed Barnwood Farmhouse Dining Table: Adding Breadboard End Extensions

If you are looking to combine rustic charm and elegant style in your dining room, you might want to check out the Reclaimed Barnwood Farmhouse Solid Top Dining Table from DutchCrafters. This table is made from 100-year-old barn wood that has been salvaged and restored to create a stylish, modern farmhouse design. 

Features of the Farmhouse Dining Table

The table features thick and gorgeous turned legs that add a touch of shabby chic flair, while the barn wood top brings a warm and cozy feel with its weathered look. The table is available in four different sizes, ranging from 42″ x 42″ to 42″ x 96″, so you can find the perfect fit for your dining room. You can also choose from various finish options, edge profiles, and surface treatments to customize the table to your liking. The table comes with a matte #10 sheen varnish that protects the wood and enhances its natural character.

How to Add Breadboard End Extensions

One of the best features of this table is that it comes with optional end extensions that allow you to expand the table when you need more space for guests or family gatherings. The end extensions are easy to install and remove, and they match the style and finish of the table. Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing a breadboard table end extension:
  1. Slide out extension supports
    • On each end of the table, there are two wooden supports that are attached to the underside of the table top. These supports can slide out horizontally to hold the extension leaf in place.
    • To slide out the supports, gently pull them out from under the table until they are fully extended. Make sure they are aligned and level with each other.
  2. Set leaf on the supports
    • Take the extension leaf and place it on top of the supports, making sure it is oriented correctly and lines up with the table top.
    • The extension will settle into the supports, perfectly aligning it with the tabletop.
  3. Push the leaf tight to the table
    • Once the leaf is on the supports, push it towards the table until it’s tight to the solid wood tabletop. 
    • Make sure there are no gaps or uneven edges between the leaf and the table.
  4. Latch both sides of the leaf
    • Underneath each side of the leaf, you’ll find a metal latch that secures the leaf to the table. These latches prevent the leaf from separating from the table when in use.
    • To latch the leaf, flip up the metal loop across the joint and snap it closed. Repeat this for both sides of the leaf.
You have successfully installed a breadboard table end extension! To remove it, simply reverse these steps. You can store the extension leaf in a dry and safe place when not in use.

Order Your Custom Reclaimed Barnwood Farmhouse Solid Top Dining Table

The Reclaimed Barnwood Farmhouse Solid Top Dining Table is a stunning addition to any dining room, whether you have a farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, or country style decor. It is a piece of history that has been given new life and purpose, and it will last for generations to come.
If you are interested in ordering this table or learning more about it, you can visit this link to the Reclaimed Farmhouse Dining Table or contact DutchCrafters to speak with a helpful furniture specialist! They will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.
Thank you for your interest in this amazing product!
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