How to Design Your New Hutch or Buffet in 7 Simple Steps

Are you confused trying to identify how to design your new hutch or buffet at DutchCrafters? This video is here to answer, in just 7 simple steps. 

A new Amish hutch, buffet, or sideboard may be just what you need. Explore your options at DutchCrafters Dining Room Storage.  We know everyone could use more storage space. Whether that’s a corner hutch tucked neatly into a corner of your dining room or a regal 6-door hutch stretching from floor to ceiling is for you to decide.

With so many options, we know deciding on a case good is a daunting task. But with this step-by-step guide and the friendly, helpful staff at DutchCrafters, we make it easy while still giving you the freedom to personalize your options just as you want it. Choose your wood type and finish. Pick from handy usability options like touch lighting. And even customize the width and height if you so choose. The dining storage piece is an often-overlooked but convenient furniture essential for any home.

What’s the difference between a buffet and a sideboard?

There really isn’t a difference between a buffet and a sideboard. The terms buffet and sideboard can be used interchangeably to describe a storage piece sitting along the wall at table- or counter-height that features drawers and doors for storage. Hutches add a piece on top of a buffet to offer shelves or doors that reach up to 7 feet or higher. Wine bars, pie safes, and other pieces may qualify as dining storage as well, and all can be found at DutchCrafters. Design your new dining storage piece.

How to Design a Dining Room Storage Piece

You know you need more storage space. But what type of storage solution is right for your home? A solid wood dining storage piece might be just what you need.

Step 1: Identify the Size

Determine what size piece will fit your home and lifestyle. A low buffet or sideboard? Maybe a 1-door corner hutch? Or can you fit a full 4-door hutch? We suggest measuring your space and taping off a section matching the size of a piece you like, to get a sense of how it would fit.

Step 2: Select a Style

Find your style. At this stage, don’t worry about color and hardware. Focus only on the construction, design, and layout. Begin your shopping at DutchCrafters’ Shop by Style section, or start with the Dining Storage section. This is when you’ll pick your product.

Step 3: Select Layout Options

Do you want an open deck or full-length doors? Shelves or drawers? Most case goods are customizable! Choose these from the DutchCrafters options wizard, or call a furniture specialist if you don’t see the options you want. We may be able to customize the piece to your liking.

Step 4: Choose Features & Details

The details can make all the difference! Will you opt for side-mounted drawers or soft-close drawers? LED lighting, or even touch lighting? These options affect the usability of the piece, so consider which options will make your life easier.

Step 5: Select a Wood Type

What wood type will you choose? Exotic elm? Unique Brown Maple? Economical pine? Luxurious Walnut? Each has its own unique qualities. Discover the differences in our Learning Center.

Step 6: Pick Your Wood’s Finish

Pick your finish options, including paint, stain, or distressing. We can match stains to fit your existing décor. Call us to request paint and stain samples!

Step 7: Pick Your Hardware & Back

Finally, select the hardware options and back for your piece. We have countless hardware options to choose from. Due to wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract, a solid wood back would damage the piece over time. Choose from a veneered plywood, tongue-and-groove shiplap, or a mirrored back.

Customizing Your Dining Room Storage Furniture

Not all options will be available on all pieces, and you may choose to change the order of the steps to create your perfect design, but rest assured you can do so at DutchCrafters. If you run into questions any step of the way, you can always call our furniture specialists! Happy shopping.

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