The DutchCrafters Story

Who is DutchCrafters? Why shop at DutchCrafters? Everyone claims to sell quality furniture, but nobody has a story quite like that of DutchCrafters.

Telling Our Story

Watch DutchCrafters co-founders Jim and Linse Miller share what you can expect when working with DutchCrafters. They also provide an introduction to the Amish and look back at the early years of the company through a few quick stories.

What Makes DutchCrafters Different?

What makes DutchCrafters stand apart is the way that Mennonite and Amish values permeate all the way through the company and touch every stage of the production process. From the Amish commitment to live out their faith through quality craftsmanship, to the longstanding relationship with our woodworkers, to the dedication to putting the customer first, you will feel those values in every interaction with DutchCrafters. From your first visit to the website through the countless years spent enjoying your furniture’s place in your home, we are committed to making sure that your investment in quality craftsmanship with DutchCrafters will be an enjoyable experience.

The DutchCrafters Story, as told by Jim & Linse Miller

Amish Woodworking: An Expression of Their Faith

Jim: The Amish have this idea that all of life is sacred. It’s not just what you do on Sundays that’s important; it’s how you work on Monday. They’re not just making the furniture for themselves or the customers, but this is an expression of their faith. 

The Beginnings of DutchCrafters

Jim: I grew up in a Mennonite community. We lived around Amish people, so it’s very much a part of who I am. 

Linse: I was trying to find furniture locally and couldn’t find American-made, solid wood furniture. So I came to Jim with the suggestion of, “Why don’t we sell Amish made furniture?” 

Jim: I would have considered us a real pioneer in this. In 2003, we were one of the only, maybe, 1 or 2 internet retailers selling Amish-made furniture. 

Relationships with Amish Woodworkers

Linse: It was important for us when we started out to develop relationships and to know our woodworkers and to meet them face-to-face. 

Jim: We spend a lot of time and energy making sure that we continue to develop those layers and levels of trust that exist between the folks that are making the product and we, who are representing it on the internet.

Doing What’s Right With the Customer

Linse: And since we are selling it online, a lot of our customers put their faith in us they are going to be receiving a quality product so that’s why we wanna make sure that’s what they are receiving.

Jim: Technology is great but, for me, what’s even more important is that commitment to doing what’s right with the customer. 

Jim: There a new dimensions of shopping that I think customers want to have an experience, and I think it’s important for us to continue to listen to that and to be innovative to try to meet those needs. What won’t change is that we will continue to try to do the best we can with every customer both in terms of the quality of the furniture and the service that they get from us.

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