Coastal Life Design: An Interior Designer Review of DutchCrafters

Why spend more for new outdoor furniture? If you’re selecting beachfront furniture, as interior designer Sondra Okada did for a design client, there are good reasons to upgrade. In 2019, when Coastal Life Design was hired to design a home on Bean Point on Anna Maria Island in Florida, she selected DutchCrafters poly outdoor furniture. Watch and read along below to see why Sondra went with DutchCrafters in this video, Coastal Life Design: An Interior Designer Review of DutchCrafters.

Beachfront Furniture

Oh my gosh…look at it. Look at this furniture! It’s not like box store furniture. It’s beautiful. It’s quality. It’s heavy. You can feel it. As soon as people see it, they say, “Where did you get that?”

About Coastal Life Design

Coastal Life Design is the brainchild of my partner, Jennifer Strohl, and myself. We give our clients a concierge-level experience. So, it is design-build, meaning that we do everything from the initial design consultation to punch-out.

The Bean Point Project

So, the Bean Point Project started as a rental. So, when the new owners purchased, they came in to us and sat and we had a consultation and we went through their design aesthetic.

Designing the Outdoor Space

The outdoor space presented a huge challenge because we’re so close to the water being on Bean Point and Anna Maria Island. You have a lot of wind-driven rain, you have the constant beating of the Florida sun on your furniture, and you have the salt spray that’s
coming off the gulf. The owners had previously used DutchCrafters and wanted to use them again. When they showed me the furnishings, I said that it would be perfect because the DutchCrafters furniture is built well and it holds up to all of those elements.

Poly Furniture Selected for This Home

So we have three levels of floors here.

First Floor

On our first lanai floor, the ground level, we have a large dining table. We also have some benches as well. We chose some end tables to complement our chaise lounges on our artificial turf out here.

Second Floor

Upstairs on the second level, which would be the living room level, we also have another dining table and have swivel chairs up there as well.

Third Floor

On the third level, in their master bedroom, we just wanted to keep it simple. It’s their retreat. So we just chose two simple swivel chairs and a simple side table so that they can have coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening while watching the sunset.

Review of DutchCrafters

I worked with Stacey at DutchCrafters and she was wonderful. She went through all of the original pieces that we had purchased for their previous home and then she accommodated what our size and scale was for the new home because this home is considerably larger. Stacey nailed it! She knew exactly where she needed to be with this project and her first choice that she brought to me–her first selection–was the one. She knew exactly what we needed to complete this project and the homeowners were ecstatic.
Well if I was speaking to somebody who was thinking about using DutchCrafters, I would say go for it. You’re going to find attention to detail, you’re going to find representatives who truly care about the product and who are knowledgeable about the product. They accommodated everything that we needed and she kept in touch with me the entire time. So, I couldn’t say more about Stacey and the entire team.
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