Siesta Mission Bed Video: See the Top-Selling Amish Bed

What makes it so popular? What makes it so comfortable? What makes it the top-selling bed in the history of DutchCrafters? Maybe you just need to see for yourself, in our Siesta Mission Bed video.

Siesta Mission Bed

The Siesta Mission Bed is hugely popular in our Amish Bedroom Furniture category because it’s simply the right choice for many families. This bed is understated and simple. A functional design, it’s built for durability and comfort. Yet the balance of square legs, vertical slats, and flat wood panels enhances the beauty of the wood grain, making the simple look phenomenal. Mission style is a popular look for bedrooms. So, for families with a Mission style bedroom and old heirloom pieces to match, this is a natural fit. But this bed also goes with any Oak furniture or trim or flooring. And, if you’re starting from scratch to design a new bedroom, the Siesta Mission Bed is even more attractive. It can be customized in your choice of wood type (although we recommend Quarter Sawn White Oak for this bed), finish color, size, and varnish. Then, a matching dresser and nightstand set can be selected and stained alongside the bed to ensure a great color match.

About the Builder

The Troyer Ridge Bedroom Collection is one of our favorite collections, and not just because of the Siesta Mission bed. Their expertise with bedroom furniture goes far beyond Mission Style. This Ohio woodshop produces some of the best solid wood furniture in the country, and they specialize in bedroom furniture. Their styles range from Mission to Colonial, Shaker to Transitional. And products include beds, nightstands, dressers, and armoires.

What is Mission Style?

Mission style furniture is primarily identified by three things

  1. The unique, rippling grain pattern of Quarter Sawn White Oak wood. “Quarter Sawn” is the go-to wood type for Mission style wood. This unique cut shows a different look than traditional oak wood, but they can boast similar characteristics and levels of durability. Traditional oak wood is also selected for Mission Wood, but isn’t quite as identifiable as “Mission.” Other wood types may be substituted depending on your needs.
  2. Vertical wooden slats. You’ll often see three parallel vertical wooden slats running up the sides of wooden chairs that are built in the mission style. Or, on a bed like this, a whole row of vertical wooden slats. Any time you find those square, wooden slats you know you’re probably looking at Mission furniture.
  3. In the absence of wooden slats, you may find large, square, flat surfaces on Mission furniture. These may be horizontal rectangles like a bed headboard or vertical rectangles like a dresser. Mission chair legs and storage piece legs may be angled or straight up-and-down. However, they generally eschew tapered ends in favor of wider, square legs.

What will you see in this video?

This Siesta Mission Bed video focuses on the bones of the bed: the headboard, footboard, sideboards, and slats, uncovered. This bed was photographed in our Sarasota, FL, showroom without a mattress and bedding. We wanted to show off the solid wood construction throughout this bed design. So you can see what we see in this bed: beautiful, heirloom-quality solid wood that makes for a great bed.

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