Madison’s DutchCrafters Story: Amish Furniture Customer Testimonial

Madison N, of Tampa Bay, Florida, found DutchCrafters last year. And with it, she found the perfect furniture for her son’s bedroom. Read Madison’s DutchCrafters Story below and watch the video above to learn all about her DutchCrafters shopping experience. 

Madison’s DutchCrafters Customer Story

I’ve actually been very satisfied with the quality and experience of DutchCrafters. 
I think it’s very difficult to find any quality furniture these days and that was my primary reason for going with DutchCrafters. The customization, along with the quality and the materials, was really the driving force.

The Problem: Furnishing a Small Bedroom with High-Quality Furniture

I was looking to re-do my son’s bedroom, which was an impossibly small room at 8 by 10, and I knew what I was looking for was high-end, quality furniture. the quality of the wood was very important to me because it’s not something that I wanted to break down, flake…I don’t want to be, you know, where your chairs are wobbling and things fall off. Even the high-end stores are giving you veneers, they’re giving you laminates; they’re cutting corners where you can’t see.

The Custom Bed

The bed was customized to better fit their needs in the small room. For this small space, Madison started by choosing a bed with 3 storage drawers along one side. However, the drawers come standard sitting against the floor. By customizing the bed design and lifting the drawers off the floor, she made it easier to get in and out of bed, created storage space under the bed, and added visual space to the small room. Madison continues her story: 
The drawers were essential because the room being so small–really 8 by 10  is what we’re fitting the furniture in–I really wanted to maximize the space and that was the design that was crucial for that.

A Matching L-Desk

So, I got the bed; from there we were able to find a desk that would work with what we were going for. So I was able to get the same wood, the same varnish, and tie everything together even though it wasn’t from the same collection.

Selecting a Stain Color

That was one of my concerns, was, how do you pick a stain? And they actually send you samples in the type of wood you want. Having those samples that I can take home and really see how it’s going to show up in the lighting was really important.

Customer Service

We ran into some issues, but I was very satisfied with the way they addressed them. Customer service was excellent. They wanted to make sure we were happy with the furniture and that they really closed the loop in terms of the sale. So, because of that, I had the confidence in moving forward and ordering other things. And yes, I did order a whole complete new dining room set. And that’s not where I’m stopping, so we are looking for outdoor furniture and rockers and some other things in the future as well.

DutchCrafters vs. Other Amish Furniture Stores

The reality is, DutchCrafters is not the only one that sells Amish furniture. But you are the one that gives the best-curated service. I was actually able to work with Natalie. She was able to guide me on what can be done, what options are available, how to help meet the needs of what I wanted. And that is what’s worth its weight in gold.
If you’re looking for high-quality, heirloom furniture, this is definitely your place to go. Much better than even a lot of the other stores that claim to have high-end furniture that really don’t deliver.  Yes, it’s more expensive, but much better to buy it right the first time than buy repeatedly and end up having to spend more for worse quality.
I’m quite satisfied. And, it took an impossible, small room that was really unlikely to do much other than have a bed in it and turned it into this beautiful workhorse. It is functional, it is beautiful, and my son’s very happy with it.
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