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Which finish should I choose for my solid wood furniture? Start with this video, in which Beth helps you answer our frequently asked question: which stain should I pick? The blessing of DutchCrafters custom furniture is the ability to choose. The opportunity to pick your wood type and finish will allow you to match your furniture to the color scheme and style of your home or business in a way never before possible. Start with stain samples! And pick so much more! With custom built furniture, you can even choose the size, hardware, and personal options.

Choosing your solid wood furniture wood type is a luxury. But, whether you prefer oak furniture, cherry wood furniture, brown maple furniture, or walnut furniture, your finish selection will make a world of difference in the final appearance of your custom furniture.

Order now and your custom furniture will be handcrafted by Amish artisans here in the United States to your exact specifications. But it can be difficult to pick the right stain for your home. Start here, and end up with your perfect custom furniture delivered straight to your door.


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Which stain should I choose? Possibly one of the biggest questions we get. Stains have a huge impact on the look of a piece and its fit in a room.

Nearly all of our hard wood indoor furniture will come with either OCS or FinishWorks stains. Ohio Certified Stains, or OCS, is an Ohio-based standardized collection of approximately 25 stain colors that ensures that stains from a variety of finish shops will more-or-less match. FinishWorks, similarly, is a standard based in Indiana.

Every piece of wood and batch of stain is unique, however, so even your stain samples are just a representation of the color you will get, and your finished product might not be an exact match even to the sample. When you shop with DutchCrafters, we will always send your entire order to the same finishing shop to be finished together in order to ensure the closest match for all of your new furniture.

Regardless of which stain standard you are offered, you will have plenty of options to choose from. After your wood selection, start by deciding what tone you’d like it to take: natural, gold, brown, gray, red, or black. Gray tones, such as OCS smoke or husk are very popular right now with modern styles. A traditional look tends to use a natural or OCS Provincial stain. If you want a medium, brown stain, you’ll want either OCS Boston or Medium. If you like red, opt for OCS Traditional. More orange in the stain? OCS Mission Maple. Dark tones like OCS Rich Tobacco or Onyx can fit a variety of color schemes and styles.

Many of our furniture pieces can be painted instead of stained. Check the individual product to see which paint colors are available, and give us a call if you don’t see the color you want. The colors and finishes for pine wood furniture, reclaimed furniture, and all outdoor furniture will differ from the OCS and FinishWorks standards. However, we have samples available for all.

We highly recommend you order stain samples to see the color in person and ensure that it fits the setting it will be placed in. Just order on, or call us at 866-272-6773 and we’ll be happy to send you samples!

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