How to Pick Your Wood Finish

Selecting a Wood Furniture Finish

“What stain or finish should I get for my solid wood furniture?”   

This is one of the biggest questions we get at DutchCraftersand one of the hardest to answer. Stains have a significant impact on the look of a piece and its fit in a room. Luckily, we’ve got the tools to help you make the right selection for your home. In this video, we’ll explain the stain options offered for Amish solid wood furniture, offer some color recommendations, and provide tips for selecting the right color for your home. Let’s dive in.   

Stain Options for Amish Solid Wood Furniture

Wherever you shop for your furniture, we hope you have the chance to choose your finish because we know how important it is to the final look of your furniture.  
Here at DutchCrafters, we pride ourselves on offering the most options and customization you’ll find online for solid wood furniture. So, after selecting your wood type, we’ll offer you a large collection of PCL stains to choose from. PCL, or Preferred Color List, is a standardized collection of stain colors that complement each wood type. No matter what wood or color tone you desire, with our stains, you’ll have outstanding options to choose from.  

Non-PCL Stain Options

A majority of our solid hardwood products feature PCL stains. However, some products offer other stain and finish options instead. Every wood type is different, and certain stains complement some wood types better than others. For this reason, not all PCL stains will be offered to you on all wood types. See your product’s standard options from the product page. If you don’t see the finish options you’d like on your product, you can always give a furniture specialist a call or chat in our chatbox and we’ll be happy to help. 

Color Recommendations

After making your wood selection, start by deciding what tone you’d like it to take: neutral, tan, brown, gold, gray, or black.  

Gray tones, such as Driftwood or Storm Grey are very popular with modern styles. But a traditional look tends to use a Natural or Harvest stain. For a tan color: maybe consider Almond. Asbury Brown is a popular medium brown color. More gold in the stain? Consider either Michael’s Cherry or Golden Pecan. Dark tones like Onyx can fit a variety of color schemes and styles.  

Order Stain Samples

Viewing stain colors online is a great place to start. However, we highly recommend ordering stain samples to view in your home. Simply select “Send Me Samples” when you place your order and we’ll get in touch and send four samples to your home. Make your selection and return your samples, and we’ll take care of the rest. Every piece of wood is unique, so even your stain samples are just a representation of the color you will get, and your finished product might not be an exact match even to the sample. That natural variation in wood tone is part of what gives wood its natural character and beauty.  

Tips for Selecting the Right Color for Your Home

The two primary options for color selection are to select a complementary wood tone or to match existing wood tones in your homeComplementary tones might mean selecting a dark tone like Manchester to go with an off-white paint in your room, or a light gray tone like Mineral to complement a dark gray wall color.  Many shoppers use samples to match existing furniture, flooring, or wood trim in their homes. 

Alternative stain colors: OCS Stains

If you’re familiar with OCS stains from previous orders of Amish furniture and wish to match an old OCS stain on a new order, this stain collection is available by request. And if we don’t offer a standard finish that meets your needs, we can also arrange a custom finish to get you even closer to the tone you desire.  

Painting Solid Wood Furniture

If you’re interested in painting your solid hardwood furniture, we’re happy to offer several standard paint colors online; and we have access to hundreds of additional PCL paint colors. Simply inquire with a furniture specialist for a full list of color options.  
For your pine wood, reclaimed, and outdoor furniture, we offer different finish collections to better suit those materials and uses. Check each product page to view your finish options for those products.   

Your Custom Furniture, Your Wood Finish

We hope this helps in some way with your furniture shopping journey. Whether you’re ready to order your custom, new, dream furniture or you’re just beginning to consider your furniture options, we’re here to help. Whether you prefer oak furniture, cherry wood furniture, brown maple furniture, or walnut furniture, your finish selection will make a world of difference in the final appearance of your custom furniture. Order now and your custom furniture will be handcrafted by Amish artisans here in the United States to your exact specifications. But it can be difficult to pick the right stain for your home. Start here, and end up with your perfect custom furniture delivered straight to your door. Shop or reach out to a furniture specialist for advice. Happy shopping! 

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