Planting Trees for Sustainability: DutchCrafters + American Forests

DutchCrafters is on a mission to do our part in helping the environment and transforming the sustainability of the furniture industry. And planting trees is part of our way to put that value into action. Learn more on our new webpage, Replanting America. From disposable furniture in our dumpsters to toxic chemicals in our homes, we’re concerned about our country. So, together with our hundreds of small Amish woodworking shops, for the past 18 years, we’ve brought durable, sustainable products into homes across the nation through

Sustainability: A Core Value

Sustainability is one of our company’s Five Core Values. These values are: 
  • Sustainability
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Giving

Starting on Earth Day, 2021, we are exemplifying our two core values of Sustainability and Giving with a new initiative.

Our Commitment to Planting Trees

The next step in our commitment to sustainability begins this Earth Day. Together with our partners at American Forests, we will plant a new tree right here in America for every DutchCrafters order placed. These gifts to American Forests, combined with their expertise in planting a variety of native trees, will benefit those forests, the ecosystems, and our country for decades to come. American Forests has projects across America, restoring habitat damaged by natural disasters and unsustainable forestry. DutchCrafters has partnered with American forests to pair our commitment to our core value with their experience planting trees and restoring wildlife habitat. 

Benefits of Forests

Our forests absorb millions of tons of greenhouse gases and pollutants from the air, provide wildlife habitat for endangered species, clean and protect our natural waterways, and create some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. But really, the benefits of our forests are nearly endless. And without America’s forests, we wouldn’t have beautiful, heirloom-quality Amish-made furniture! So we’re giving back: to ensure that American forests thrive for generations to come.
Together, let’s grow a brighter future for our families and our world.
Learn more at Replanting America.
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