What is Amish Furniture? (A Beginner’s Guide)

What is Amish Furniture? 

If you’re new to the world of Amish furniture, this is the video for you. To put it simply, Amish furniture is any furniture that’s made by Amish people in America. But there’s a little more to it than that.  

About the Amish

You may be familiar with the Amish—a Christian faith group that’s devoted to peace, humility, and their local community, who are slow to adopt and use new technology.  

The Amish come from farming background, but their values of hard work, commitment to excellence, and community support translate well to other industries. When Amish woodworkers started making custom cabinets and furniture decades ago, they quickly developed a reputation for outstanding workmanship due to their commitment to solid wood and reliable construction techniques like mortise-and-tenon joinery and dovetailed joints.  

Is Amish Furniture a Style? 

Many people mistakenly believe that Amish furniture is a style; they assume that the Amish traditional clothing means they’ll also make just traditional furniture. But that’s not true! Though many woodworkers make great Mission and Shaker furniture, you can also find furniture in transitionalcontemporary, mid-century modern, and reclaimed wood styles! The term “Amish furniture” refers to the owners of the shops, their values, and their commitment to quality—not a particular style of furniture.  

Custom Furniture

It’s hard to find a furniture manufacturer or store that offers the same level of quality workmanship as Amish woodshops these days…but there’s another element that makes this furniture unique. Amish furniture is custom made to order! It’s not prefabricated, sitting in a warehouse for delivery. So, when you place your order, you can select a number of options like the size, wood type, finish color, hardware, and much more. You may even be able to request special customizations! Then, your furniture is built just for you and delivered to your home. 

Is Amish Furniture Right for You? 

So, now we know that Amish furniture is generally solid wood, custom made, and built to last in almost any style you desire. But is custom, hardwood furniture the right choice for you 

Amish furniture is relatively expensive due to their use of solid hardwoods and their limited use of technology and automation. It also takes longer to arrive than most products ordered online. Because it is built to your specifications, your furniture’s arrival can often take a matter of months—not days. None of these dollars or days are put to waste, as it results in outstanding quality furniture that not only looks and feels great but is also built to last for generations. It’s up to you to decide whether Amish handcrafted products are right for you!  

Where Can You Buy Amish Furniture? 

If you are ready to invest in heirloom-quality custom furniture, the question becomes, “where can you buy Amish furniture?”  

The largest Amish communities in America are in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Near these communities, you can often find furniture stores that offer a limited selection of furniture designs. Whether or not you have a store near your home, however, you also have another option. A number of websites sell this hardwood furniture online and deliver to your home. DutchCrafters.com has been in business nearly 20 years and offer the largest collection of Amish furniture products—over 10,000 pieces from more than 150 Amish wood shops.

But wherever you shop for Amish furniture, we hope you find just the right choices for your home or business. Thanks for watching, and best of luck with your furniture shopping journey.  

Shopping for Amish Furniture Online

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Where to Buy Amish Furniture Video

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