Lois’s Story: Shopping at DutchCrafters

Lois found DutchCrafters in late 2020, where she began by shopping for solid wood furniture online and then visited us in our Sarasota store. It turned out to be just what she was looking for. Here’s Lois’s story of shopping at DutchCrafters.
I would definitely recommend DutchCrafters. Their furniture specialists: they are awesome to work with. They are very warm and friendly, customer service oriented. And at the end of the process, you will feel fulfilled.

Lois’s DutchCrafters Story

I’m Lois, and I live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I am the type of person when I have a vision in my head, I go for it.

The Old Office

Before, we had—it was just a regular desk in the middle of the room. We had both filing cabinets and a bookshelf. Then we ended up having a flood—a bathroom leak into the office. It messed up pretty much everything. Messed up the furniture, messed up the floor. We had to pull up the carpet and redo the entire office. So, after we redid the office, we decided, okay, let’s go ahead and get exactly what we were looking for.

Lois’s Vision for the New Home Office

I have a certain vision that I wanted. It’s a small space, so I wanted a partner-type desk to accommodate two people working from home. And I’m also planning to start my own business in the very near future.

Finding DutchCrafters

And I did a lot of research on several different companies and came across DutchCrafters. And I think once I found out about DutchCrafters I was pretty much sold because I saw the exact idea I was looking for. So then I started getting excited. And when I went into the office I immediately got a welcoming and warm feeling. Miss Nancy was great—the furniture specialist that I worked with. It was pretty easy for me to select the details of how I wanted it to be.

Her Desk Delivery

Delivery day, unfortunately, I couldn’t be here when they first arrived. With me not being here, I was a little nervous that what if, you know, something is not right? But when I came, everything was perfect.
I worked in here for the first time a couple days ago. It’s a comfortable space. It was functional and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Advice for Amish Furniture Shoppers

Don’t get sticker shock. If there’s something that you see you want, you will not regret it. You won’t regret it. Go ahead, plan towards it, use whatever payment plan they have available. That makes it possible.
Great experience. Solid, durable furniture that can last, maybe for generations.  And it’s something that I don’t have to worry about replacing any time soon.

Starting your Shopping Process at DutchCrafters

Lois knew DutchCrafters was the place for her when she found the perfect partner desk design for her office: the Jefferson Partner Desk. With well over ten thousand products, DutchCrafters may have the perfect product for you too! Get started from our homepage, dutchcrafters.com, then get in touch or visit our Sarasota showroom if you have any questions! 

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