What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wind Chimes

Beth Rice 01/02/2024

Soothing, relaxing and decorative, wind chimes can add something special to an outdoor space. On the patio, by the pool, in the yard or on the porch, wind chimes add a nice feature. The decorative aspect enhances the space while a wind chime song can help you relax and add to the enjoyment of your time outdoors. Depending on the material they’re made with, some wind chimes will last longer than others. The material also dictates what kinds of sounds they will make. Just what should you look for when selecting outdoor wind chimes? Let’s take a look.

The top three things to look for when selecting outdoor wind chimes are:

  • Durability
  • Sound
  • Design

These traits vary depending on the type of wind chime you select. The most popular types of wind chimes are tubular, bell and decorative.

Tubular chimes are shaped like rods or tubes and come in a variety of sizes and different materials like metal, wood and aluminum. They are the most common type of chime and offer a clear, deep sound.

Pacific Winds Church Bell Wind Chime

Bell chimes feature small metal bells or a combination of chimes and bells. Bell chimes can create crisp sounds and light tinkling sounds.

Decorative chimes come in many different beautiful designs. They are challenging to maintain outdoors, and it’s safer to use them in a covered area like a porch or lanai to offer added protection and prolong the life of the chimes. This type of chime is equally about the sound and the look. Materials used for decorative chimes include glass and seashells.


Being used outside comes with the challenge of holding up in the elements. We recommend selecting wind chimes that offer the most durability. Some will be stronger than others depending on the material they are made of.

What materials are best for durability? Metal is an ideal wind chime material for its durability. Aluminum is the best for a highly durable wind chime. It won’t rust and can handle strong winds and rain, all the while creating more musical sounds.

Bamboo creates soothing relaxing sounds but is not as durable as metal. Decorative chimes made with shells or glass are delicate and the least durable.

Rustic Rhythms Songbird Wind Chimes are made with durable aluminum.


Creating that cozy spot outdoors won’t work if you don’t like the sound of your wind chimes. Your new chimes will need to have a tone you like. The material your wind chimes are made of is a main factor that affects their sound. Metal will make a clear, sharp and strong sound. Metal wind chimes are available with a variety of melodies and can even be tuned to create songs. In addition, they offer waterproof and rust resistant benefits to help them last longer. Wood and bamboo chimes are hollow and create more of a subtle echoing sound. Decorative materials like glass and seashells create light, delicate tinkling sounds. Tubular chimes can be tuned to create musical notes. Keep in mind that when selecting a wind chime with tubes, the length of the tubes will determine the vibration frequency. Longer chimes produce deeper tones and a lower pitch, and shorter ones produce sharper tones and a higher pitch. The thickness of the tubes will contribute to a rich sound with thicker tubes creating even richer sounds. The hollow tubing makes it possible for more vibration, contributing to louder sounds.

Musical Zenith Wind Chimes offer thick tubes that will create rich sounds.


Of course you want to like the look of your wind chimes. Select chimes that reflect your personality when decorating your outdoor space. Keep in mind the more decorative, the less likely to come with a durable material that’s strong against outdoor elements. Adding a lovely chime that catches the light and creates a soft tinkling sound is wonderful. Ceramic, glass and seashell chimes are loved for their creative and decorative look and the unique colors they add to your outdoor scene.

Amethyst Purple Bleeding Heart Wind Chimes add a lovely purple shade to an outdoor space.

About DutchCrafters Wind Chimes

The Amish made wind chimes we offer here at DutchCrafters are built to be durable, beautiful and full of function, just like our wood furniture. Features of our wind chimes include:

  • Available in various length and tube diameters to create distinct tones.
  • Chime tubes are made from aluminum with the color powder coated onto them. This makes them more durable.
  • Tubes are UV resistant for minimal fading.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Chime tops and strikers are made of environmentally friendly poly that comes from recycled milk jugs. Poly won’t crack, chip or rot and is extremely weather resistant.
  • Strings are polyester UV resistant strings.
  • Custom engraving available for beautiful gifts.

You can easily enhance an outdoor space with wind chimes. Remember to look for durability, a design you enjoy looking at and sounds you enjoy listening to.

These 65″ Pacific Winds Church Bell Chimes make beautiful music! Keep in mind the more tubes on a chime, the more notes it can play.
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