Best Contemporary Furniture Award of 2024 Goes to Amish Furniture Store?

Seth Carter 20/06/2024

You read the headline correctly. An Amish Furniture retailer won the Best Contemporary Furniture Award in 2024.

DutchCrafters Amish Furniture won Sarasota Magazine’s Best Contemporary Furniture Award of 2024. This win is significant for DutchCrafters, because we are proud to feature some of the best contemporary and modern furniture available.

This award highlights what many people may not know. Many customers assume that Amish furniture is all old-fashioned, traditional styles. While we offer plenty of tried-and-true furniture styles at DutchCrafters, our Amish woodshops also bring their expert craftsmanship to modern design aesthetics!

Amish Furniture’s Commitment to Tradition

DutchCrafters maintains its commitment to what we’ve come to know and love from Amish furniture. We have over 11,000 products to cover every style of traditional Amish furniture. While the point of this post is to highlight the fact that Amish furniture can be the best contemporary furniture on the market (as evidenced by the recent award), I do want to take a moment to acknowledge our commitment to our roots.

At DutchCrafters, you’ll find a vast selection of all the traditional styles of solid wood furniture.

Traditional Amish Furniture Styles

As you can see, we have all the traditional Amish furniture styles offering that classic solid-wood sensibility we’ve all come to know and love!

Amish Furniture is Also Contemporary and Modern

Amish furniture also represents the best modern designs while maintaining a commitment to traditional construction methods. It is about reliable construction techniques for beautiful furniture that will last for a lifetime.

Many customers walk into our showrooms and are immediately impressed with how modern some of the Amish furniture is.

“When our customers visit our showrooms, they are surprised and excited to see the many styles we have available. Amish furniture can have a reputation of being ‘grandma’s furniture,’ but that is just not true. Amish furniture styles follow design industry trends, and new designs are constantly being introduced.”

–Heather Anderson, Showroom Operations Manager at DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

Whether you choose a modern or traditional design, when you select DutchCrafters Amish Furniture, you are choosing quality construction and craftsmanship.

DutchCrafters can now say we are an Amish-made, award-winning contemporary furniture retailer. As we often say about some of our pieces of furniture, they’re the best of both worlds—precision and skill meet modern vibes.

Modern Styles of Amish Furniture

At DutchCrafters, we’ve always taken pride in bridging the gap between traditional and modern furniture. Visit our showrooms in Sarasota and Alpharetta to see some of our contemporary Amish designs in real life.

How DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Won Sarasota Magazine’s 2024 Best Contemporary Furniture Award

VP and co-founder Linse Miller has made a concerted effort to make contemporary furniture a large part of the DutchCrafters’ mix. She has worked with Amish builders to help design and customize modern showroom pieces.

“Amish furniture today isn’t just the old-fashioned furniture you would expect to see in your grandmother’s home. At DutchCrafters, we offer many modern and contemporary furniture designs in addition to our fantastic traditional styles, which many still love. We have every solid wood furniture style to fit our customers’ needs, from modern sideboards to farmhouse Windsor chairs.”

–Linse Miller, Vice President of Brands and Co-Founder at DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

Miller’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Some of DutchCrafters’ most popular pieces are modern designs. The award for Best Contemporary Furniture of 2024 further cements the notion that Amish furniture isn’t just old-fashioned—it’s everything.

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