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Working at Home With Pets

Beth Rice 21/05/2020

Larry likes to lay on a work binder. Shadow keeps pressing the caps lock. Neeko likes to bark at new students on Zoom calls and Toto? Well, Toto just wants to help. That’s right we’re talking about our pets who have become our new “work assistants” as we maneuver working from home. Perhaps you are experiencing this extra time with your pets too. While some of our pets are overjoyed at having us home, some… Working at Home With Pets

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Beth Rice 22/06/2017

In 1999, Pet Sitters International founded the first Take Your Dog to Work Day in the U.S. to emphasize the importance of the human-animal bond and to encourage employees without pets to rescue and adopt a furry friend from a shelter or rescue program. This year, Take Your Dog to Work Day will be recognized on Friday, June 23. DutchCrafters is a pet friendly workplace, with wagging tails making their way through the office on… Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Our Pets’ Favorite Furniture

Beth Rice 29/09/2016

Greeting us upon arrival, comforting us after a long day, and making us smile when we need it the most, our animal friends aren’t just pets — they are family.  Whether they have a wagging tail, whiskers, or a wiggly nose, they hold a special place in our households. At DutchCrafters, they also hold a special place in our office. Our pets have selected their favorite furniture with their own special flair. We feature them… Our Pets’ Favorite Furniture

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Urban Chicken Coops

Leah Meldman 25/05/2016

Raise Chickens, Raise the Bar Has your longing for a rural past been cooped up now that you live in the city? Urban chicken coops continue to be more and more popular as cities adapt to this fast-growing trend. Even in our own backyard, laws have been adjusted to accommodate the desire to domestically raise chickens. After more than 1,000 people petitioned for the legalization of these backyard chickens in Sarasota, FL, where our corporate headquarters… Urban Chicken Coops

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