Working at Home With Pets

Beth Rice 21/05/2020

Larry likes to lay on a work binder.

Shadow keeps pressing the caps lock.

Neeko likes to bark at new students on Zoom calls and Toto? Well, Toto just wants to help.

That’s right we’re talking about our pets who have become our new “work assistants” as we maneuver working from home. Perhaps you are experiencing this extra time with your pets too.

While some of our pets are overjoyed at having us home, some are wondering why we are invading “their” space and interrupting their nap times. There’s no doubt they bring us great comfort. There’s nothing like a good laugh at their goofy antics or the comfort that comes from petting them and feeling the love.

Is your dog, cat or bearded dragon all over you or hiding from you at this point? Is the cat jumping up on your desk while the dog scratches at the door? How many pet-walks a day are you averaging?

Just for fun, here are our family furries “helping” us out in our home office set ups.

Larry Love

All four of my cats are enjoying me being home, but none demand as much attention as Larry. He found that my work binder is a GREAT place for him to sit. –Shannon

Larry the Cat
1 Year Old Larry on “his” binder.
Larry the Cat
Larry watches Shannon work.

Chapo and Toto

They are always wanting to help! –Tracey

Chapo and Tato
Chapo the dachsund, 4 years old, in Tracey’s In Basket and Toto the terrier, 7 years old, on the chair.

Molly the Collie

If I take my laptop to work in the bedroom, she has to nap next to me in the doorway to the closet. If I take my laptop to the sofa or loveseat to work, she has to get up there and nap next to me. –Stacey

Molly the Collie
Molly: Rough collie, 4 years old.

Casting a Shadow

He loves to check out what I’m doing by placing one paw on the edge of my keypad, often putting the caps lock on. –Diana

Shadow the Cat
Shadow: Male tuxedo cat, 13 years old. His favorite afternoon spot has become the corner of Diana’s desk, basking under the lamp.

Toby Time

Toby is watching as we work. He’s always acting as though he would like to help, but he’s probably thinking a treat is about to appear somewhere. –Steve

Toby: Cockapoo, 14 years old.

Keyboard King

He has always loved to stand on computer keyboards. He will often settle in on the keyboard up against the computer screen. He complains profusely if I try to type near where he is sitting. –Debra

Sidni at computer
Sidni: Cockatiel, 20 years old, guards Debra’s computer.

Lab Assistant

Neeko likes to hang out right behind my desk chair and lick the carpet, making it difficult to get out of my workspace. He also makes a habit of hanging out in my wife Ashley’s space on the bean bag, barking each time one of her students gets on Zoom and catches him by surprise. –Ross

Neeko the lab
Neeko: Black lab, 4 years old, blocks Ross in.
Neeko on bean bag
Neeko waiting for a Zoom call.

Feline with FOMO

He used to sleep for the majority of the day while we were at work, but now that we are working from home, he has a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and other than a few catnaps throughout the day, he’s awake while we are awake.

He must be played with and let out onto the screen porch in the mornings before work. Most mornings he has what scientists call “the zoomies.”

Leo in a box
Leo Danger Rivera Peacock: Domestic Shorthair cat, age 1. Here he is hiding in a box ready to pounce.

Leo was fostered by our sales team manager. We are so glad we got the opportunity to adopt him because he has brought us a lot of joy and has helped to keep our spirits up during this time. –Milca

Super Leo
Super Leo: Behaviors include scratching Milca’s desk chair, climbing on her desk, knocking things off the desk, swishing his tail in her face and appearing out of nowhere to bite her ankles.

Clutch On A Call

Clutch thinks she is invited to all of my meetings because as soon as I get on a call she picks up her squeakiest toy and starts to make noise so everyone pays attention to her. She also thinks I am home to play and not work! –Kari Jo

Clutch: West Highland Terrier, 8 years old.

Crosby at Rest

Crosby loves walks and playing with tennis balls, but he reminds me to take breaks and that rest is important. –Linse

Crosby: Portuguese water dog, 4 years old.

Bocce Buddy

He loves to be right next to me. If he is not at my feet, he is laying adjacent to me on the couch. He is there for moral support and to help out any way he can. I would not change a thing! –Christeen

Bocce: Akita/Mastiff/Boxer mix. He runs a lot in his sleep and tends to be snorty.

Two Cats and a Dragon

Chai helps by curling up in my lap or bringing his mouse to me to play fetch.

Icarus knows the rule—if you bring food to work you have to share with everyone. So he comes to investigate my cereal or whatever snack I have at my desk and shares his love. –Jake

Chai and Icarus
Left to Right: Chai, age 3, and Icarus, age 5.
Ryu the bearded dragon gets his exercise in the morning running around on the floor, then enjoys sitting on the windowsill. Here, he surveys Jake’s work.

Are you working from home? What’s going on with the pets at your house? If you have pet photos featuring your new “work assistants” we’d love to see them, please send them to us at

Here’s some great pet furniture to help keep your furry friends comfy (and possibly off your desk)!

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