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Beth Rice is a content writer for DutchCrafters Amish Furniture. She is the primary author of Timber to Table blog posts and has spent the last several years researching and providing knowledge on wood types, furniture styles, and design trends. As a busy mother of two, Beth understands the value of furniture in helping create a welcoming home for family and friends, and often writes on the ways our furniture can help support that. Beth is a published author with a gift for identifying the special moments in everyday life. Most recently, she had a short story included in Chicken Soup for the Soul's "My Amazing Mom" edition. Since 2012, the DutchCrafters Timber to Table blog has been providing customers and other readers with furniture and interior design tips, information about the Amish, and woodworkers’ stories.

5 Log Cabin Essentials

Beth Rice 29/02/2024

There’s something simple and appealing about rustic log furniture. It symbolizes a simpler time and connects us to a feeling of getting away from it all. The richness of the wood and the natural look with more knots and imperfections creates a connection to nature. It’s a connection that helps us to disconnect from the pressures of the day and helps create a relaxing atmosphere. If you had a log cabin or lake house to… 5 Log Cabin Essentials

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5 Questions About Elm Wood

Beth Rice 08/02/2024

Mixed in with the big players of Amish furniture like oak, cherry and brown maple, elm wood can get lost in the shuffle. While it may not be the wood that’s first thought of for furniture, elm brings its own unique qualities to the table so to speak. Just what is elm wood like? Here are answers to the top five questions about elm wood. Is elm a good wood for furniture? Elm wood is… 5 Questions About Elm Wood

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What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wind Chimes

Beth Rice 01/02/2024

Soothing, relaxing and decorative, wind chimes can add something special to an outdoor space. On the patio, by the pool, in the yard or on the porch, wind chimes add a nice feature. The decorative aspect enhances the space while a wind chime song can help you relax and add to the enjoyment of your time outdoors. Depending on the material they’re made with, some wind chimes will last longer than others. The material also… What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Wind Chimes

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5 Furniture Items for Hygge Style

Beth Rice 25/01/2024

There are plenty of reasons to embrace hygge. What is hygge? Hygge is a Danish concept that’s been part of the Danish culture since the early 1800s. It embraces a feeling of cozy contentment. It’s the high that comes from enjoying the simple things in life. A sunset, the warmth of a fireplace, a comfy bed on Saturday morning–these are all examples that can bring on that “hygge feeling.” Dressing for a formal event, working… 5 Furniture Items for Hygge Style

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The Right Furniture for Small Spaces

Beth Rice 18/01/2024

Having a small home or apartment can introduces some challenges when it comes to maximizing space to keep everyone comfortable. A fully functioning, cozy dwelling can be yours with some creative design ideas. Follow our list of suggestions for living well in a small space. It’s all in the details. Select Furniture with Function Furnishings for your small space must work hard for you. Choose efficient furniture that will multi-task for you such as: Save… The Right Furniture for Small Spaces

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Things to Know About Self-Storing Table Leaves

Beth Rice 21/12/2023

We imagine table leaves that don’t self-store in the table must be pretty envious of leaves that do self-store. I mean, come on, self-storing leaves get to tuck right inside the wood table that they match. They get to remain in the dining room or kitchen where all the action is. Table leaves that do not self-store in the table are sent to closets or pantries or behind or under other furniture, forgotten until they’re… Things to Know About Self-Storing Table Leaves

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7 Types of Bird Feeders and Birds That Like Them

Beth Rice 14/12/2023

If you’re looking to attract and catch a glimpse of your favorite birds but aren’t sure which type of bird feeder they’re attracted to, we’re here to help. Which birds like what feeders? The following list offers seven types of bird feeders and the birds you’re likely to attract with them. Different birds have different bird feeder preferences. If you love cardinals or woodpeckers, orioles or hummingbirds, you’re more likely to attract them with just… 7 Types of Bird Feeders and Birds That Like Them

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Furniture Style Guide

Beth Rice 07/12/2023

When it comes to furniture styles, there’s a lot to choose from. Finding your furniture style and expressing your personality throughout your home has become just as important as the comfort and support of the furniture itself. If you haven’t committed to a favorite yet, there are plenty of furniture style options to discover. From farmhouse style kitchens to mission style living rooms to mid century modern dining, each furniture design brings its own unique… Furniture Style Guide

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How Can I Tell It’s Really Amish Made Furniture?

Beth Rice 16/11/2023

The secret is out and has been for a while. Amish furniture is high quality. It’s the kind of furniture that’s built so well it can be passed on for generations to enjoy. Another secret that’s out is that custom Amish furniture costs more. If you want to bring home this caliber of wood furniture, it will cost more than furniture made of lesser materials. You won’t find Amish furniture in big box stores or… How Can I Tell It’s Really Amish Made Furniture?

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The Benefits Of An L Desk

Beth Rice 26/10/2023

What’s the lure of an L desk, you might wonder? Beautiful, spacious and substantial, the L desk has a lot to offer.  Does it take up too much space? Will it work for your office area? Just what are the benefits of an L desk? Let’s take a look. Plenty of room to work. The design of an L desk offers a spacious desk area, with an extension added that creates another large work area.… The Benefits Of An L Desk

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5 Reasons To Buy Custom Furniture

Beth Rice 05/10/2023

What do we sacrifice for the thrill of a low price? When it comes to furniture, there’s a lot that’s lost. We lose quality, function, durability, the exact look we want, and in the long run, money. Cheap furniture that’s mass produced will break down faster and perform poorly in comparison. And you’ll likely have to settle for the same look everyone else has. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. The… 5 Reasons To Buy Custom Furniture

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The Charm Of A Cheval Mirror

Beth Rice 21/09/2023

If you’re someone who likes to observe your outfit from head to toe, or if you’re someone who’s looking to add both an elegant and functional piece of furniture to your bedroom, perhaps you should consider a full-length cheval mirror. What is a cheval mirror? A cheval mirror, also called a dressing mirror, is a full-length floor standing mirror that’s mounted with a swivel in a frame that can be tilted and adjusted for best… The Charm Of A Cheval Mirror

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5 Reasons to Get a Bookcase with Doors

Beth Rice 07/09/2023

An attractive trend for furniture in recent years has been pieces that are multifunctional. The bookcase is one of these. A versatile piece, the bookcase can be used in almost any room in the house. In addition, you have the option to store and organize some books, or to display and store a variety of other items, like photos, trophies or collectibles. Bookcases come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. One option is… 5 Reasons to Get a Bookcase with Doors

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Why Authentic Craftsmanship Matters

Beth Rice 31/08/2023

Build it quicker. Get it faster. Machines that can do what humans do are incredible. Let them do the work to build more, faster. That’s better, right? Or is it? Mass production often leads to products of lesser quality. Rushing just won’t deliver the same quality that taking time will. As products and clothing wear out, break down and get thrown out, consumers must replace them. As we look to the future to live in… Why Authentic Craftsmanship Matters

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How To Safely Clean Wood Furniture

Beth Rice 17/08/2023

If you’re investing in wood furniture for the added durability, beauty and value, we get it. Solid wood furniture will pay you back over time. Take a solid wood dining table for instance. Crafted with solid wood means it’s going to see you through the rest of your holiday dinners, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and more. The wood will stand strong and endure daily use without wearing out or breaking down. The beauty of the wood… How To Safely Clean Wood Furniture

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