The Right Furniture for Small Spaces

Beth Rice 18/01/2024

Having a small home or apartment can introduces some challenges when it comes to maximizing space to keep everyone comfortable. A fully functioning, cozy dwelling can be yours with some creative design ideas. Follow our list of suggestions for living well in a small space.

It’s all in the details.

  • Check the Scale: Scale refers to how the size of an item relates to the size of the room and other objects in it. Avoid oversized furniture that can eat up your smaller space.
  • Love the Legs: The light passing underneath furniture with legs reveals more of the floor and walls, making it look like your furniture takes up less space.
  • Learn to Look Up: Utilize vertical space to save floor space. Artowrk that is positioned high on walls will draw the eye upward, making a room seem larger.
  • No Color Confusion: Limit your color scheme to 2-3 main colors. For open shelving storage, keep items like dishes all one color for a tidy, organized look. Metallic colors work well as they reflect light and brighten any space.
  • Find a Feature: Create a focal point in the room. Eyes will be drawn to the main feature, not the size of the space.
  • Separate with Style: Arrange furniture to create separation that clearly defines functional zones like a dining room area that’s right off the living room.
  • Creative Lighting: Lighting fixtures can be attached to walls or hung from above to save floor space and table top space.
  • Ask the Questions: When bringing in new items, stop to ask: Is it beautiful and useful? Can it serve more than one purpose?
  • A Winning Combination: Combine bedroom and office space by putting a desk in your bedroom. Put a wall curtain around the desk.
  • Hang it Up: Add hooks in your entryway to keep coats and bags hung up and the area tidy and organized.

Select Furniture with Function

Furnishings for your small space must work hard for you. Choose efficient furniture that will multi-task for you such as:

  • A Storage Coffee Table: Keep clutter concealed with the storage this coffee table provides, while enjoying a spacious table for your laptop, drinks, board games and more.
  • Nesting Tables: These stacking tables can be stored and moved easily as they provide surfaces for food, projects or décor.
  • A Sleeper Sofa or Daybed: A sofa and bed in one is a winning combination.
  • Storage Beds: Save space in the bedroom with storage drawers that provide built-in room. These beautiful beds can eliminate the need for a bedroom dresser.
  • Storage Benches: Have a seat with room to store items inside.
  • A Dining Table that Expands: Dining  Tables with self-store extensions are ready to be opened for gatherings and save you space when not in use.
  • Bedroom Desk: Place a mirror over your desk so it can double as a vanity.
  • Mirror, Mirror: Mirrors create the illusion of depth and can reflect natural light to dark corners. Light will brighten and open up a smaller space. Consider track lighting where natural light is minimal.
  • Beautiful with a Bookcase: Glass front or barrister bookcases help to keep you organized. The glass front makes items appear less cluttered.
  • Step It Up: Invest in a char/step-stool combo to assist  in reaching vertical storage items.

Save Space with Savvy Storage

Get creative with storage in your apartment or small home.

  • No Need for a Dresser: Investing in a bed with built in storage drawers underneath can replace the need for a bedroom dresser.
  • Open Ottomans are Best: Select and ottoman that opens to stow items inside.
  • Make a Modular Display: Modular shelving units provide space for everything while creating an attractive display.
  • Let the Walls Work for You: Bring storage to the wall to keep your floor space open. Modular shelves and bookcases can provide room for everything from books to mini home bar space.

Create Comfort Within

  • Rejoice in the Round: Select round tables that have no sharp edges to bump into.
  • Keep it Clear: Clutter can infringe upon a small space. Keep clutter at bay with simple storage solutions.
  • Less is Better: Anything new that is brought in takes up space. Minimalism is best to keep your rooms functional and fetching.

Enjoy the cozy feel of your small space with these tips for creating an organized, functional home with furniture and décor that brings out the best in every room.

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